Thursday, February 11, 2010

On the Horizon

Persecution of Christians in the USA and Europe is about to manifest like never before

Revival will come out of the persecution

Judgement that will come on the nations because of this persecution

Fall of the European Union. Renationalisation. Economic collapse of the USA.

Failure of the Country of Mexico ... internal warfare.... Eventually the USA will become a protector

Islam deteriorates into a fanatic lawless political religious system....and falls apart slowly

Christianity breaks out among Muslims and in Israel causing former foes to stand together in Jesus

Today's American Christianity thru the rear view mirror will be seen as an ineffective insipid powerless past no one will ever want to return to....the new Christian Church coming out of the revival springing from persecution will live in all the fullness of the Holy Ghost. All others will fall. There will be no more nominal church except as empy museums.

The Catholic Church will experience a fresh wave of the Spirit of God....making the Catholic Charismatic Renewal movement seem tame....Many flawed theologies will fall. The concept of ecumenism will seem silly in the light of the unity in the the Gospel that will prevail.

The earth's Climate will change... more.... but not at all like is predicted. It's all part of the groaning of Creation.

Jesus will be seen in dreams visions and visitations in ways never understood before. Christians will have 3rd heaven experiences more and more. Angelic visitations will be routine.

The old Japanese Poem,

The barn's burnt down,
Now I can see the Moon

will better be understood in this coming day as

The building burnt down
now I can see the Church

More to come....


Margaret said...

WOW. I can believe this. May it happen as you say. Amen.

Anonymous said...

There it is prophetic sight,..just like the spirit said what seeth thou jeremiah? Why did god ask him that...