Sunday, February 7, 2010

Prophecy: I hear the Lord say Spiritual Blindness will make SOME Christians unable to see or discern as the day draws near

It's very early Sunday Morning. I hear the Spirit of God say:

Blindness is being placed upon some who call ME Lord. Who bear MY name. Who represent ME in this day. This blindness will even cause some who I called from before the foundations of the earth to be deceived.

This deception will manifest itself in discouragement, in cynicism, in wrong actions, in attempts to follow what they think is my Spirit, but is in fact the spirit of a MAN. They will believe they are following MY leading, but it is only another man's spirit.

There will be leaders clothed in religious authority who will say "this is the way walk ye in it". They will seem to be speaking with understanding. They will have impressive credentials and education that will seem to carry with it the capacity to say, "this is the way". Yet, they are blinded and are leading blind people into a ditch. Do NOT follow them unless you hear ME clearly in their Words and Actions.

This is not about eternal salvation with ME; this is about the attempt of YOUR enemy to sideline and neuter you on this side of the veil. To keep you from the DESTINY of good works I created for you to do from the foundation of the earth.

Many good intentions are wastes of time. Bats at the wind. Many well meaning efforts are misguided. Now is the day more than ever before when men and women who call Me Lord must hear from ME by MY Spirit. There is no other option except failure and suffered loss. Wood hay and stubble burned in the fire. My sheep must learn to hear MY voice and none other shall they follow when they do. I communicate with you Spirit to Spirit. If you are not well filled, well wired, well connected you will NOT be able to hear or see ME. You will be blind.

The last month since the shaking in Haiti has demonstrated the difference darkness makes. The attempts at blinding MY people by the enemy are obvious. The enemy is out to steal, kill and destroy. It is a perversion of MY will for them. Good intentions without MY leading are an opportunity for the ENEMY to trap you in a snare. Even a man I picked became a son of Perdition because he became deaf and blind and out of his flesh of Good Intentions tried to manipulate circumstance which is witchcraft. He thought he was doing right. He walked with Me. He even betrayed ME with a kiss. He could have turned from his blindness. He could have repented and met with me on the shores of Galilee with the others. I would have restored him as I restored Peter. His testimony would have been greater than all the others in many ways. But his blindness led to his ultimate destruction.

Walk carefully in this hour. Listen for Me NOW more than ever. Many voices are jostling to crowd out MY still and small in your heart. Keep your spiritual eyes on ME and I will give you sight. As you keep your focus on me, you will begin to see those things that are invisible to the blinded. You will see things that only those overflowing with ME in MY Spirit are able to see.

There are fewer opportunities to make well intentioned mistakes and escape without consequence. The bar is raised. Walk wisely. You must be ready to Obey when I SAY from behind you in a still voice with a lamp shining only a little way ahead on your path......This is the way, walk ye in it.

There is no security in any other. I alone hold the keys to death and life. I place them in YOUR hands. Choose well. Trust Me. Be bold but Walk Wise.


Coulby said...

I was just deceived two days ago when this person claimed she and this other person were the two witnesses of Revelation 11. God told me that was not the case and to seek His leading about the truth.

Anonymous said...

Lol thats funny cause once i was on a camp trip with this guy. He tried sincerely to convince me he was one of the witnesses too. I keept talking the word of god and he vomited and left me alone. I think he had manic psychosis. Thats why we have to decern ourselves out. And be careful in label naming- though moses said- i would that you were all prophets- its not unatainable- for we know how to prophesy correctly because we know his word. Only scriptural prophecy is l00 percent accurate. prophetic expressions.

prophecyfire/ D. gansmann said...

that was very in the spirit prophesying, i always worry about my prophesying whether it is me or really GOD, then i claim up, we know in part only right. maybe you could guide some of us more insecure prophets to some experience on it.

prophecyfire/ D. gansmann said...

that was very in the spirit prophesying very clear and articulate. i struggle with my own prophesying at times wondering if it is me or God at times, we know in part and prophesy in part right?, maybe you could guide some of us more insecure prophets to your experience.