Saturday, February 13, 2010

EARTHQUAKE in THE CHURCH - a Word- by Phil Buck.

January 27, 2010 - Prayer time for the Church, at our home.

I heard a word in my mind saying, There’s coming an earthquake of the magnitude 7.0 that was experienced in Haiti, only it is coming to the Church. I have sent many warnings down through the portals of time, that this day was coming, and now is here, even at the door. The earthquake will start from outside the Church, and then will permeate the Church from within. Prepare, prepare there will be destruction as would never have been imagined.

The rubble of the buildings of man will crumble to the ground. The teachings of man will have come full circle. There will be people that have bought into the man system and will be destroyed in the rubble of the collapse, some spiritually and others both spiritually and physically. For they have believed a lie and will suffer the consequences of their doing.

Of those that have escaped, I see a long line extending beyond my vision to see. They are the walking wounded from all religious persuasions, that were not caught up totally in the man-centered religious system of beliefs. But being exposed to the system has left its mark in various forms on each one.

I see this line in my minds eye, people lined up at the entrance to a white tent. This is where they are coming to receive life spiritual life from inside the tent. Those inside the tent are like doctors and nurses, ministering to the wounded, hurting spirits of each one. As they help them heal, with the proper perspective and focus of the gifts they have to offer, then they are sent from the tent whole and ready to minister to others as they were ministered to.

"Now behold the ones on the inside of the tent, before they stepped inside the tent they had nothing to offer in and of themselves, but as they stepped in they received the power to work the works for which I have call them to. This is a special people that have closed themselves up with me. Yes, and some have been in preparation all their lives for this time and this mission".

"I want you to see those in the tent, for they are those that have given everything to Me. These are they that this day I’m calling my people to come out of the religious systems of man and into the marvelous light of my Son Jesus. Will you be counted as numbered among those in the tent? Or will you be one of the many in the long line?"

"Come away with me this day and give your all to me for the line is long and is now just beginning to form. They need your gifts, your love & your sacrifice of service. Will you be there for them?

Or will you be among them?"

-Phil Buck,
Indiana, USA.

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