Wednesday, February 3, 2010

A Prophetic Word for ME that I really needed.... Man does NOT live by Bread alone, but by every word...Every Word

Steven Bliss is a contributor to Open Heaven. I often read what other prophetic folks are saying.

I have been in a dry place the last couple days. Probably because I have been involved in Political things. It's a distraction to hearing from the Throne.

But today's word from Steven Bliss spoke to me....Perhaps to you:

It is time for you to begin walking upon the water. Step out and move forward where I will direct you. Set your eyes upon me and not on what you think you can not accomplish.

You were created unique. Allow me to lead you into the places no one else can go. I have placed within you gifts, move forward that my glory may show forth.

Don't worry about spoiling your shoes. Step forward and get your feet wet. I will wash over you, so you may bring life and refreshing for those in need.

I will give you words to speak; Words which will penetrate into a dying heart, releasing new life. What I have spoken will come to pass

He took the cloak that had fallen off Elijah, hit the water with it, and said, "Where is the Lord, the God of Elijah?" When he hit the water, it divided and Elisha crossed over. 2 Kings 2:14 (NET)

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