Monday, September 12, 2016

Danger in the Ministry of a Prophet

It is dangerous IF there is deception, misleading, blatant sin, hidden sin or abuse by leadership of those who are in the congregation. 

If a leader is whole, transparent and decent to those who call him or her Pastor, there will be no problems.  The prophet is happy to be there and the leader should be happy to have someone there to watch their back. A prophet to a leader with a pure heart will be his best friend in the spirit.

However if game playing begins, if sin is hidden, if abuse is taking place and you have a real prophet in the house, expect confrontation.  Expect exposure, first in private but without repentance in public.  It's how that gift and calling operates with leaders.  Danger

I don't want to know everything I know.  I don't try to "Find things out".  It just happens that I will know in my knower. The last thing I want to happen is confirmation.  I often hope I'm not hearing right.

You don't know the number of times when:
  • I know something I DIDN'T want to know and had to deal with it
  • When God called on me to confront hidden sin
  • When God called on me to pronounce what HE is going to do. (I had to tell an apostle once that his ministry was over and God was going to set him down).  He did. He is no longer in the ministry.
  • When God has had me tell someone their life was about to end and to get their house in order.
  • When a person believed they were called to the nations and I have to let them know they are called to the neighborhood.
  • When a person believes they are supposed to be in a big ministry and they aren't.  I don't kill the dream, I just don't reinforce it.

These things are really uncomfortable.  I don't enjoy it.  I don't relish it.    I would much rather speak smooth words over them.  Encouragement.  Help.  But that isn't to be.

Don't try to fool a true prophet.  He or she will smile, he will look tolerant.  But the Prophet knows.  You aren't fooling anyone.  You aren't hiding anything.  You are getting away with nothing.

Prophets aren't cops, they speak for God, they HEAR for God.  They reveal strategies.  Those who are prophetic but not prophets will often find themselves confused.  They will wonder.  The most deceived are those who say, "I didn't hear God say that".  They are hearing another voice and the voice of the true shepherd they do not hear.  This is part of the danger, too many people think they are hearing God and they aren't.

Prophets are dangerous. 

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