Saturday, September 24, 2016

Stale Manna

Sometimes it is better not to try to "Make Up" manna for the day.  It's better to let the manna fall from heaven, gather and take it to your family.

When a person preaches from someone else's book rather than from their own revelation, Stale Manna.
When a person preaches from an old sermon, Stale Manna
When a person feels compelled to say something, when God has given them nothing to say, Stale Manna.
When a person prophesying to someone falls into the trap of repeating old hackneyed promises of cars, house, relationship, write a book, open a school... etc.  STALE MANNA
When a person is so involved with the things of the world that he or she cannot shut down the noise and hear from God, you get Stale Manna.
When a person is trapped into performing because he promised to show up.. and he is dry.. Stale Manna

This is not condemnation.  I've done it and so have you.  I don't mind going back and looking at some old prophetic words I published, but they always have the smell of stale.

God is a big God.  Bigger than you and I imagine.  He is downloading to us fresh new glorious manna.  Serve it up in big dollops with joy.. or don't say a word.

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