Monday, September 19, 2016

Facing the Giants

Life is full of Giants.  Some called Cancer.  Some called hate.  Some called fear.  Some are real, others imagined.

We don't have many Golieths walking the earth any more uttering out curses against the true and living God. 

It was VERY HIGH surf the last few days on the ocean.  GIANT waves.  I'm a good swimmer but even for me it was a challenge when something 8' high was about to crash over me. I know what to do in an undertow (swim sideways and let the current take you in).  I know enough NOT to try to fight the current to swim back to shore. A sure fire way to die.

No, facing those monster waves meant diving right in just below the peak.  Using them as transport to next.  Don't let them crash over you, you must run to the battle.  You could get hurt.  Use the power they have to your favor.  Don't fear, even when in over your head, stay cool and steady.

This metaphor is how life is.  We will all face very difficult situations in life. Bankruptcy.  Health issues.  Relationship situations.

All of these are meant to kill, disable, sideline or silence you.  There is only ONE CHOICE.  Don't avoid the battle. It's real.  You may not win, but you are better to die with courage on your lips than to die a coward. 

The world and it's spirits constantly is trying to scare you. There is a new Giant being portrayed every day. Some are fake giants. Some are real.  Knowing which is which is the issue.

Be strong and Courageous.  You are more able to defeat that giant you are facing than you know right now.  

And remember this from Father God, "You will never face any giants in your life alone". 

Even if you lose you win. 

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Kathy said...

I fought two very large battles in my life and I ran from both for sometime, but realized I had to face them head on. I turned and ran toward them all the while screaming for God's help and I came out the other side a better person. That only happened because I chose to seek God's help and guidance and not to fear the Golieths in my way.
Today I face them head on with the knowledge that God has my back and I can be strong because of that knowledge. What an amazing God that allows me to be his child, I am so blessed.