Wednesday, September 28, 2016

What is the National Anthem for the NEW NATION of GOD?

Thinking about the protest and respect lack by many for a symbol and an accepted anthem that represents this republic. 

Yet as a believer, we are part of the Nation of God. A new nation.  A peculiar people.  Adrift in a see of other boundaries but bound together by the fact that we have just one King.. Jesus.

So does our nation have an anthem?  A banner?  What is it, what does it represent?  Should we honor it or not?

I have always considered that a nation is a nation because we accept and honor our inherent agreed to organizational structure.  Government is something we do together.  Part of that is recognition that we are not an island unto ourselves.  We have every right to reject and object to the government we have... that makes you an outsider.

Just as those who reject the kingship of Jesus are separate from the Kingdom of God, not part of the Nation of God.  A nation without borders or boundaries.

Just musing as Prophets do.  But there is a parallel somewhere.

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