Saturday, January 16, 2016

Where are the Wise??

I have a really hard question.  Why is there such a lack of WISDOM in church leadership?  Men and women of God you don't need to be perfect, just wise.  But I see how many comport their own lives and family and not in a hundred years would I send one of the dear ones I come across to them.  These leaders are not wise.  They might lead a fine church but they lack common sense.

Pastor Dan was wise as an owl and had many men of significant net worth who were in his congregation and submitted to him.  He was a listening ear and a word of wisdom.  A wise old owl. These men are very few.  Just being able to preach well, sing well, even prophesy isn't wisdom.  It comes down to weighing all the facts and issues and offering wise counsel.  I know few.  Far too few. 

I have wondered if the ministry doesn't attract those without core wisdom. You can know the Bible cold, you can sing a thousand worship songs, but if you are missing the capacity to deal with life's difficulty when brought to you.. you are not wise. 

You might be anointed, but lack common sense wisdom to help others navigate things that come along. 

So how do you get wisdom, get understanding.  When I see some of the posts, some even political, I scratch another.  They are simply ignorant of the facts.

I wish there was one such in Gainesville I could point a friend to who is going thru a hard time.  Who could offer Godly Counsel.  Who would be there when hard decisions are being made. 

I will do long distance what I can.. but the truth is, there must be ONE Godly wise man or woman within a hundred miles of here.  To find them is another issue.

I don't mean to be insulting.. if you are insulted... that an indicator.   Whatever offends the mind reveals the heart. 

I simply want those who are called of God to a higher level.  One that can sit among Kings on the earth and like Joseph in Egypt be wise counsel.  Where are they?

I prophesy to you that the next call on those who are called will be called to wisdom.. we are outliers in a culture where we should be calling the shots..

If you read Proverbs, particularly the first 6 chapters, there is much about wisdom's call.  Who is heeding the call?

ANYONE?  Or do we remain a fringe on society when we were called to rule and reign? WE AREN'T READY TO RULE AND REIGN!

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Tina said...

It feels weird to advise a godly prophet, but here goes: "Why do you look for wisdom in the high and lofty? Joseph was hidden in prison when Pharaoh called him. Seek wise counsel from those on the back row." Direct your friend to pray the Lord send him an advisor, then send him to church - any church. He will meet someone who will have a word of wisdom for him.