Saturday, January 23, 2016

Sometimes we rob God by preaching

I was in conversation with a friend the other day. We were talking about ministry gifts and their implementation. 

During this discussion these words came, "If I were to restrict my ministry to the platform I would be robbing God".  That went pretty deep.  Most of what happens is one on one.  I end up face to face in some situation with a person who really needs a word from God.  When I see that, I will very soon be given the opportunity to offer what the Lord is saying.  It's how the Lord uses me. 

I don't have anything against preaching, street evangelism, teaching or organizational leadership.  It's just that I am called as a prophet and as such need to do what I am called to do. To stay in my call and walk it out.  Sometimes that means I should not seek a platform.  In fact to do so could rob God of what he has invested in me.

I believe this came  to be shared because many people's whole ministry is focused on the platform. That's where the spotlight shines.  They have forgotten how to be the conveyor of the Word of God.
They preach. 

So whatever your call is.. do that.. and sometimes maybe even preach.  Most of the call of God is done in small groups, one on one, in media or some other way. Don't rob Father by trying to fill a role he didn't call you to.

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