Friday, January 15, 2016

The End is Not Yet... YET?

Jesus warned of turmoil, wars, rumors of wars and other social unrest.  He told us not to consider them because as we do, the end is not yet.

I think that is better advice than we know.  The world is a really messy place, war, turmoil, politics and strife.  Economic collapse is prognosticated.  So as long as that goes on we are OK .. do I have that right?

Was there ever a time in history that the world wasn't in turmoil?  Ever?  Nope I can't think of one either.  The other end of the warning is when people all around are crying peace and safety.  Peace and Safety then look out.  Maybe all this is a way for us to not panic nor rush towards fascism.

The end is not yet..

But as we all come to the closing days of our mortal years our end becomes more sure.  We know that after we step out of time into an eternal secured life there will be true Peace and Safety.

The Lord is saying,

"Don't rely or trust in those who promise smooth soft lives. Who want to take all capacity for MY hand of provision and protection in your life off the table.  You are to be in the world, not of it and if you are in the world it's not safe...but you can trust ME.  False trust in humanity or a system that promises peace and safety in exchange is a prison.  In jail you are safe and have no worries about what to eat or what to wear.  I provide that as you go about.  Your end will come on earth and then you will live forever in Perfect Peace and Complete Safety in MY presence.  Come to Me ALL who are weak and heavy laden ..  rest and peace are waiting". 

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Anonymous said...

" ^The end is not yet", Matt. 24:6 . The disciples in Matt. 24:1 were obviously enamored (as all Jews) with the beauty and shining splendor of the temple buildings. . Jesus then, in v. 2 spoke of the destruction of the temple (which later took place in 70 A.D.) Then, in v. 3 disciples ask,"When will THESE THINGS BE?" AND, a second question,"what will be the sign of Your coming and the end of the age'? Some interpret "the end", v. 14 as the END OF THE TMEPLE AND SACRIFICES, ETC. CONNECTED WITH IT. Then, in v. 14 Jesus speaks about the spread of the Gospel....and THEN THE END will come. By 70 A.D. the Gospel went out through the world after Paul's missions. In 70 A.D. Jesus' prediction of Matt. 24:2 took place--the END of the temple and practices connected with it. . The Gospel was on a worldwide mission, and then "these things" (v. 3...and v.2...) did take place. The "YOU" in v. 4, v.6, v. 9 refers TO THOSE DISCIPLES THERE AT THAT TIME WITH JESUS at the Mt. of Olives. It does not refer to US today, except to apply it to all "wtachfulness".. What WE need to be concerned about is Matt. 24:42..... (Harold H.)