Sunday, November 29, 2015

Who is this? The question that leads to ultimate truth..

I was reading the Bible account of Jesus calming the storm.  After the Disciples saw this they asked: What manner of man is this that even the wind and the waves obey him.

If you ever saw the movie Butch Casiddy and the Sundance Kid you will recognize the line: "Who are those guys"?  They were constantly in pursuit of the Kid and Butch.

In the word of God there are several accounts old and new testament of people asking, "Who"

Pilate asked "Are YOU?"
Peter proclaimed to Jesus question "Who do people say I am? Peter answered right.  You are the Christ, the Son of God.
The Pharisees asked him who he was.  He answered, before Abraham, I am.
Satan supposed to him, "IF you are the Son of God..."
John's disciples questioned if he really was.  "Or do we look for another.
Even in the Old Testament there are occasions where the question "Who is this coming up out of the Wilderness".

The question is and has always been, WHO IS THIS?  or WHO ARE YOU?  To his disciples, IS HE Who he says he is?

It is still true today.  The question "Who is Jesus".  Once you settle that, the rest is easy.. but if you struggle with it.. you can never be set free by the truth of the Gospel.

I know this is not profoundly prophetic.. but it helps to know.  

He is TRULY GOD... and we knew him..

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Kathy said...

Amen! When one quits asking and truly believes in ones own heart, then life is good because Jesus is good, always has been and always will be.