Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Confusing Mandates and Refugees

The last several weeks and since the bombing in Paris there has been a lot of activity in the spirit realm regarding safety, refugees, terrorism and who is my neighbor?

If one were to go strictly to the old testament for instruction it would be pretty rough.  Yes, there are the levitical laws regarding the sojourner, but those laws were of people passing thru, not settling down.  In fact the idea of keeping separate as God defined when the children of Israel entered the promised land was pretty harsh.  They killed them all.. or were supposed to.

King Solomon drifted badly because of his willingness to allow other Gods to enter his realm.  It destroyed the nation ultimately as Idol worship took hold.

Islam is another god.  It is as foreign as Baal and fully as false and dangerous.

We see there is the need to create borders, nationally and personally.  The ancient borders were important  "When you arrive in the land the LORD your God is giving you as your special possession, you must never steal anyone's land by moving the boundary markers your ancestors set up to mark their property. Deut 19:14

Yet some people who entered to live among the Israelites while serving other gods DID move the borders.  It matters who you serve.  They were not regulated by the same moral or ethical code people who are sons and daughters of God are.

Then there is the question, "Who is my Neighbor" asked of Jesus.  We know the story well.  The good Samaritan.

He found a man wounded by the road.
He ministered to him oil and wine.
He took him to a safe place on his own steed and payed for the care of the man in recovery.
It is fair to assume that once the man was whole he returned to his own home.

The Good Samaritan didn't take him home to live next door.  He cared, did what Jesus is asking us to do.. but there are boundaries.

We are at a critical crossroads if allowing our mercy and compassion outrun our wisdom and discernment.  This is a broken group of people, they are on the side of the road, robbed by Isis and others, they are not of the same religion we are.  We must take them to a safe place, help bind up their wounds and finance that recovery..   and help make a safe place for them to return to.

This is as much trying to sew new cloth onto old clothes.. this will most certainly tear.

Wisdom must be primary, compassion and mercy must be subject to wisdom and understanding.

Wisdom is the principal thing; therefore get wisdom: and with all thy getting get understanding.  Proverbs 4:7

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Fallout said...

We must, among other things, to pray that God will stop the foreign god from coming into our land...to stop the foreign money from coming into this nation to build Mosques...this is His nation and His will be done.