Friday, November 20, 2015

"Judgement and Death Coming to America" --- OR?

Since the bombings there have been dire warnings. People talking of death, terror, judgement.  Some even blame the current climate of fear on the people of the USA.

Well I have good / bad news for you.

God is going to straighten things.  Judgement requires that what is crooked be made straight.  That what is out of alignment be made correct. 

That means some old systems, assumptions and ideas will be removed as the right judgement is brought into play.  When a brick wall is being built, there is a need to constantly judge the straightness of it.  To make certain things are lined up or the wall will collapse.  That requires judgement. If it's out of line, it must be done over, adjusted, made right.

As this happens in the USA some things will need to be set aside.  I don't know all of them, but corruption and incompetence come to mind.  We have a nation being governed by people of low judgment.  They will resist this change, but it must come.  There will have to be a shaking that brings it to pass.

Death must also come.  There are things we have accepted for a long time in our culture that must be put to death.  Porn, Addiction, infidelity, fatherless children, mistreatment of the poor and other practices that are simply wrong and must die a quick death. The axe must be put to the necks of evil.

Yes we have outside terror, but that is not much more than a symptom our our lack of judgement and things still alive that should be killed off.  I am in favor of seeing things change.

I hear the Lord say,

"I will do a brand new thing.  The judgement for evil reigning is an awakening to righteousness.  It will not be instant, you may not even see it move.. but fear not.. I am the God that persists when others seem to think it's over.  Oh it will be over some day.. but not for a long time and not until I say it's over.  So have no fear.. judgement will come to make things right and death to those things that you have tolerated in your life too long, they will have to be executed.  It's bright from my point of view.. come up here. You are already seated in heavenly places.. get a better view".

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Kathy said...

Amen! I have been saying for sometime now that I feel that God is going to move in a very BIG WAY to turn this country around. It is time that the evil is taken down and those that have suffered because of it will rise up. I pray everyday that God will hear the cry of those that are in need. I can't wait to see just how God will do those things that we ourselves can not do!