Monday, June 22, 2015

Prophets of False Hope or Prophets of Truth

I am always astonished how most prophets on the circuit are good news only prophets.  Like nothing bad or difficult will ever happen.. OF course there are the ones who forecast end of the world, rapture, tribulation, etc.  That's sort of good / bad news.  That is the exception.

When a person comes to me for a word, and it is clear to me that the information I must give them will not be positive.. it's hard for me to do.  I have had to do it too many times.  In tears. 

What is a prophet to do? 

What makes it worse is when other big name prophets speak words over the same situation and they speak a positive word, a word of prosperity, of deliverance, of escape, of life.  It's hopeful, it looks ahead.  It's just not true.  It's empty.

There is a commercial for financial planning that is reflective of this you have probably seen on TV.  A professor puts life events of the last few years by people on the left side of a board. They are balanced about 50 50 positive and negative experiences.  Then these same people put on the board what they expect for the future.  Nearly all positive.  No sickness.  No one dies.  No financial pressures.

That's how we see life and we hope a prophet will reinforce our positive view.  We love hope.

Yet, a prophet must be faithful to the vision.  Give bad news when it comes.  Let people prepare themselves for the things on the horizon.  It is how the prophets in the old and new testament acted.  Not today.

I am not calling anyone a false prophet...  I could but I won't.  But there are some big name high profile prophets on platforms around the world who are empty promise machines.  Candy cane.  Sugar coated.  It is sad.

Truth is defined as that which lines up with reality.  If you prophecy something and it never happens, or can't happen or won't happen... that's not reality and that's not truth.  Prophets must be willing to tell the truth. even if it's bad news.

I will say one thing more... if you are called as a prophet and you only bring good news... check yourself.

For Pastor Friends of mine: IF I see you are having one of your motivational speaker prophets on your platform.. I won't bother coming.  I'm too much about the real and not the fake.

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Anonymous said...

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