Monday, June 8, 2015

ONLY ONE will ultimately shine

I saw this representation of people's search for meaning in life.  There are many quests but only one answer.  Ultimately there will be ONE that will stand above all others. I looked carefully at this and came to realize that Only JESUS in the end will persist.  All the rest will fade away in the grave.

This is good news to the Christian and laughable to the atheist.  I won't argue.  Yet there will come a day when HE is revealed, when the sky rolls up as a scroll, when who HE is becomes so magnificent that all other lights in the sky are dimmed by His glory.  When all creation bows at his feet.. and all these efforts to find meaning are wrapped up in HIM.

All creation will come into proper perspective. There will be no more day nor night.  Everything you ever wondered about will be clear.  There will be no need for questions any more.

Jesus will be shown to be above all and creator of all heaven and earth.

I know if you are reading this you know it's true.  This is not in the sweet bye and bye.  It is in the here and now.. yet you will see it when you step from time into eternity.  It will all make sense.

All seeking for any meaning outside of the Risen Christ will become laughable.

For this reason as the nations rage, the Lord Laughs.

Find REST in him.

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