Saturday, June 6, 2015

Doing Battle for your Prophetic Destiny

Today is D-Day, the day that thousands died as they stormed Omaha Beach in France against the Nazi machine, I thought about that time.

There were prophets in that day. Smith Wigglesworth would have been one such. There is no record of what if anything he said before the engagement at Omaha Beach Normandy. 

There are many prophetic utterances made over Generals, Armies, Military, Nations, Kings and People groups.  God is not silent concerning them.  He declares the end from the beginning. 

I think of that when I consider the many prophetic words spoken over my life. The words I have spoken over others.  They are all true, they are all in motion, but the thing that brings them to pass is our persistence, our endurance, our willingness to be where we need to be as the word comes to pass. 

The old adage, "God can't steer a parked car" comes to mind.  Yet I think there are many who have received a powerful word and yet expect it to happen with no diligence, effort or work to do battle for the fulfillment on their part.  That somehow Abracadabra it is supposed to manifest from nothing.

That is the sure fire way to find defeat in the purposes God has placed in you.  Sitting back and waiting.  It's not like that.  We are given a word that victory will be ours, yet the enemy is there, he is mighty, we are seemingly weak, but GOD with the power of his word says to us, go forth, do battle and succeed. 

In the days of old, Armies would never go to battle without a word from the Lord... "Shall we go up against them today?"  When the word of the Lord came saying YES, you Shall prevail.  Go up.  That was enough, but the battle still was engaged.  Men died on both sides.  Widows were made.  Children left without fathers.  But victory came.  Read Judges 20.  It's brutal.  Yet it is how wars are won. 

We have lost much of that understanding. God doesn't love war. Neither do I.  God does love victory.  Even the victory of the cross took blood.  Blood of the Martyrs was a witness to a lost generation.  It still is. 

Father spoke and says, "I have gone before you, but you must walk to the place destined for you.  Take up your bed of leisure and WALK".

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