Sunday, June 7, 2015

A Vision Must See Thru a LOT!

If you have vision for business, ministry, prophecy, family, a mate, health or finance there is an obstacle.  Your eyes.  You see things as they are in the natural.  You have to see PAST the natural to see things as God sees them. 

I have been reading some posts by Apostle LaJun M Cole Sr of Perfected Love International Fellowship in Tampa Florida.  I know this man and believe he has struck a vein of GOLD in this series of Posts.  I don't often say that, but when someone does, I tell them and I identify it.  I'm a spiritual assayer .. that's what prophets do.  I look for gold.

Here's a series of his posts:

  • What Moses only saw as a rod God saw as the authority to open the Red Sea!!! You already have the answer to your problem!!!! Open the eyes of someone's understanding Lord!!!
  • God is changing your vision. From 2 miles away the eagle sees a solution to its problem. The eagle was hungry and the fish was under the water and to the natural eye it wasn't visible but God enabled the eagle to see what others can't.
  • God is giving you the ability to see what others can't. What some may see as a plain river you will see as source of substance!!! God is changing your vision receive it.
  • What one lady saw as just a pot of oil the prophet saw as enough money to pay all her bills!!! Change your perspective. What's in your house?
  • Instead of looking at your situation up close take a step back and look at it from a "Bird's Eye View". It's never as small or as finite as it may look. Your possibilities are limitless. Remember you are seated with Christ in Heavenly Places!!!!
  • What you see as dirt God saw as the father of all mankind!!!
  • What Adam thought was just a rib was what God saw as the mother of all mankind.

I reposted this because I believe there is a person or so who may be as encouraged by this sound word as I was.  I don't live life always over the clouds.. I struggle with the same things everyone does. 

I just was encouraged to stop looking just at the natural and start looking at the potential in the supernatural.

Thank you Apostle Cole.  There's Gold in them thar hills.

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