Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Angel Visitation

I had a long time friend of mine relate a story of a visitation from an angel.  He was quite stunned by it. He read a great deal of meaning into the event.  I don't think as believers we really understand angels and angelic visitations well.  Too many movies, myths and TV shows have messed up our theology. 

Here are truths from scripture we can grasp to understand how angelic appearances take place, why and what it means.  This is not a comprehensive treatise, just a prophetic look at the role of angels:

  • They are all around us at all times.
  • They are ministering spirits.
  • They take many forms and can look like humans in every way (Angels unaware)
  • The devil can come as an angel of light, but it won't take long to figure that out.
  • Angels live in Heaven's dimension and move back and forth between there and time easily.  They are not UP THERE, they are here.. present, just unseen.
  • Angels have no will of their own, they laid that down when Lucifer fell.  They only do the will of the Father and they respond to the words of faith from the mouth of a believer.  They also respond to words of doubt and unbelief.. they remain inert.
  • They can be rescuing angels. Part of our salvation.
  • They can be warring angels. Doing battle when we cannot.
  • They can be message bearers (not as often as you think)  Mary's announcement of Jesus birth
  • They can cause you to be set free as you walk in faith.  Peter set free from jail
  • People after they die do NOT become angels.  They are like Jesus, and Jesus isn't an angel.
  • They are awe inspiring when you see them, but they are also confidence building. Elisha's servant after his eyes were opened
  • You will be at some point given the task to measure the angels.. a judgement.  That will be of the fallen ones.  
  • Angels make announcements of great events.. hearing them speak causes a fear to come over you (Shepherds, or Mary)

There are many more, but all of these are scriptural descriptions and characteristics of angels for us to grasp.  Note I did NOT address the question, "what did the angel look like?" They look like you always thought they would.. but if I see the same one.. it might be different.  They appear.  They walk thru the cloud that is the veil between time and eternity and back again. As Jesus did when He ascended.  Or when He came back again.  Or as He does from time to time in appearances to this day.  He moves seamlessly from eternity into time and back again.

Have confidence in God, He is the Lord of the Angel Armies... it just might not be as you think.   You can see them if you want to.. don't beg.. just look. They are all around.  I have seen them.. you can too.


Anonymous said...

As the Scripture says, they are messengers (the literal meaning of "angel") and God's creatures who serve His believers. They have saved me from drowning as a ten year old, and in many near-fatal accidents.

prophecyfire/ D. gansmann said...

often come as angel unawares even on trains i found out..lol

prophecyfire/ D. gansmann said...

often as angel unawares even on trains i found out..lol