Sunday, April 5, 2015

The Resurrection, an Eye-Witness account -- David Smith

I have known David for years.  We are friends and co workers in the work of God.  He wrote this and it is worth reading.

Seek the Lord with all our heart, and rely not upon our own understanding, nor the understanding of man.

If you are like me, you have wondered what it would have been like to witness the events of the life of Jesus.

Ask, and you shall receive - if you do not ask amiss. That is what happened to me - the Lord showed me.

I wondered what was happening, in the spiritual realm, during the crucifixion of Jesus. He showed me. It was one of the worst - and most enlightening - visions of my life. Hordes of demons around the cross, and clouds of angels overhead.

I wondered what was happening during the three days that Jesus was in the tomb. Be careful what you ask for - that particular vision remains the worst vision that the Lord has ever shown me.

For three days, the devil won. All hope was lost. The savior was dead. All of mankind, for all the rest of time, was doomed to an eternity without God - without hope - without life. The world was dark. The spiritual darkness, that covered the earth, was so thick that it lay like a heavy, wet, wool blanket all across the vision of the land. Hope had died.

Then - there was the resurrection vision.

Hollywood has it wrong. Most especially, the movie "The Passion of the Christ" has it wrong. Theological semetaries... ooops - seminaries have it wrong.

Three days of darkness had passed. The darkness was so fearful and oppressive that the even the day appeared to contain no light.

Then, a glimmer of light began to appear on the horizon. The sun was rising on a new day.

All the host of heaven had gathered to watch the Son of God die on the cross. Yet, the Lord would not allow them to interfere. Did you know that angels could cry?

They witnessed the death of the Savior of the world.

But God's faithful messengers would not be left in the dark. Imagine the excitement, when God said, "It is time!"

They were there. All of them. All the host of heaven gathered at the tomb. The light was so bright, no demon could come near. The moment of the worst mistake, that the devil had ever made, had arrived.

The angels rolled away the door to the tomb - and the hand of God raised its fist in triumph! The breath of God came down and entered into the life of the body that lay dead in the tomb - and transformation occurred!

He was alive! HE WAS ALIVE!

When Jesus opened his eyes - he knew - HE KNEW - that His Father had called. His Father had decreed that it was time! God's Word was Faithful. God had promised him that he would be raised from the dead, and He kept His PROMISE!

The first thing that he saw was LIGHT! Where the Angels of God are, there is Light - and such a Light as this had never been seen - ever - before!

The Light of the world was ALIVE!

He stepped out of the tomb and EVERYTHING had changed! His body was different. His life was different. He could, finally, SEE! He could SEE like he had NEVER been able to see before! Even as the Son of God, walking upon earth, he had never seen like this before!

He could - literally - see the LIFE that was all around him! With all of Heaven's Host present, there was LIGHT that shone out through the darkness.

Despair was gone. Sadness was gone. The darkness had disappeared.

Hope was - once again - ALIVE!


There are some moments that live for all of eternity. Never again would darkness have the hold that it once held. The angels were there and they had HOPE restored. Hope would never - ever - die again.

All things had, literally, become NEW!

The Savior of the world is ALIVE!

God won! The VICTORY is complete!

Jesus died - and Christ arose from the grave, never to die again.

God is Life. God is Light. God will never die - and HOPE never died - because God promised that Jesus would rise from the dead.

And. He. Did!

He is alive!

Have you ever wondered why the devil is never once mentioned during the 40 days that the resurrected Jesus walked the earth?

Have you noticed that those that had conspired against Jesus - and sent him to the cross - are never mentioned before the Day of Pentecost?

Have you noticed, in the Bible, that the resurrected Jesus appeared, many times, to ordinary humans - without ANY interference - at all - FROM ANY DEMONIC OR FLESHLY BEING?

Jesus Christ was alive and He triumphed over every shadow of darkness. God said "Let there be Light!" and the darkness could NOT stop that Light of the world from shining. ANY place that Jesus Christ is, there is Light! No form of darkness can stand against that Light.

And... that Light is in us!

Light is ALIVE! Everything changed at the resurrection!

God won!

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