Monday, April 20, 2015

A Prophet Judges other Ascension Gifts

I know this is controversial, so I'm going to wade right in.

Prophets should be in the business of the identification of giftings.  They are uniquely equipped to say to this one, you are the man, and to another, "have you no more sons?"  They should be ready to identify and pour the oil of anointing on the ones called of God, and to withhold (without offense) those not called.  It is for this reason that the idea of Apostles ordaining Apostles is out of order. That's another issue. 

Many people I know hold themselves out as Apostles, Evangelists, Prophets, Teachers and Pastors.  Many of them are not legitimate. They are pretenders. They are found out soon enough. I don't call them out.. their gift either makes a way for them, or they don't have a gift.

I won't relate the incidences to you, but more than once I have had to set a so called apostle down.  I can think of 5 times in the last few years where I went to one who carried the moniker and said, "God didn't call you to this, it is better if you fill the office he DID call you to".  And they stepped down.  They knew what I said was true. A few are still friends of mine, some are even on FB.  Most of the time they were called to be a Pastor, or Teacher and in one case an evangelist. It was a gift to be rightly placed.

On the other hand, I know a handful of Prophets (they know who they are) who I have told off camera that God indeed called them into this, that they are the real deal and they have a critical role to play.

Most of the time I will acknowledge a so called apostle without saying anything unless they are about to become dangerous to the Body of Christ.  Then I must do what a prophet does.

I am not superior, nor was Samuel, just called to identify or uproot.

I know some real apostles, they are extraordinary and I am glad to know them. The others I won't interfere until it becomes an issue and God calls me to set them down. Not a role I desire or want, but it is critical in this day and age of rampant deception.

So, how do I know in the Spirit who is or is not called?  It's not that hard:
  • Have they had a supernatural encounter with God they can relate to me?
  • Do they have supernatural evidence of the office they claim to hold that backs them up?
  • Is there fruit of building GOD's Kingdom (not their own) in their ministry?
  • How important is their title (it's inversely important for the called)?
  • When was the last time they had a Jesus encounter.? He's not that hard to see
  • If I were to be in their service, what role does MONEY play in their service?
  • How much do the truly love those entrusted to them and how do they show it?

There are more, but after a while it become easy to spot the pretenders from the real thing. I am not sorry for the interventions I have been involved in. I won't violate the mandate from the King.  Yet.. I respect those who are trying.. but if you get out of line, expect the troubler of Israel to show up and it might not me be. There are other prophets out on the front lines.... and if they come to you and say, Apostle, we need to talk.. you had best listen.

God might be solidifying your true calling.


Anonymous said...

Good post!

Jon said...

Good word, Gene.
Because we have made the office of apostle a status symbol accompanied by power, wealth and prestige, for some it is an enticement to be acquired rather than a calling to be answered.

An apostle is the servant of Christ, a servant to all, not the head of the organization.

Anonymous said...

Hmm...I always thought prophets reveal God's heart to people and guide people, and those people were to weigh those words on scripture. If God meant prophets to "judge", can you elaborate based on The Word(I'm in a study right now of the Five-fold ministry - 1Jn 4:1, 1Thes 5:20-21, etc). Personally, I've had a few prophets and some so-called prophets be totally wrong with their Words to me at times.
Also can you expand on how the office of prophet encourages and strengthens others. That would be cool. Tks.

Gene said...

You are correct.. it does mean "prophets reveal God's heart to people and guide people, and those people were to weigh those words on scripture."

In that God's heart may mean guiding a minister into a role that he or she is called to. That will be the most encouraging thing any prophet can do.