Monday, April 27, 2015

10 Ways You Can Know the Future

Prophecy is not just about the future, but sometimes it is.

So how do we know? How can a person who has prophetic giftings know the future?

There are 10 Ways:

1. There are historic cycles in Scripture.  If you study the word, you will see certain patterns that happen again and again.  How people behave, what happens in a trend, what truths prove out again and again.  Holy Spirit will highlight them to you as you are waiting on Him for wisdom.

2. You may have an actual vision of what things will be like.  It won't be driven by fear but by a reaction to a set of circumstances that jell in your minds eye.  If it's fear driven it will not be true.  If your vision is hope alone it's not likely to be true.  It must come impartially.

3. You will get a word.. usually just one.  By expanding that word you will develop a prophetic picture that defines what will happen in the future. 

4. You will be reading something or hearing something and it will or won't ring true.  You'll get a knowing.  It might be a news story.  Something that should be impartial and suddenly you will know the end of a thing. It's instant Revelation.

5. Anything that sounds in your spirit like a movie or TV drama will nearly always be wrong.. filter that quickly.  Hollywood has a habit of infecting prophetic people.  Be careful.

6. Sometimes you will be promoted to write something down, and then review it a few days later.  That will define the word you are getting.  It's prophetic process.

7. Things are constantly changing.. but God never changes.  Look to His grace and mercy as a measure for what you see in the future. Lever what you see with God's immutability.

8. Be careful not to be influenced by other prophetic voices.  It's good to have a prophetic presbytery in personal prophecy, but not in prophesying the future.  I am wary of conferences that prophetically try to say what is going to happen in the year to come with many prophets speaking.  The prophetic should not be by committee.  It doesn't mean people won't often get the same confirming word, but you are responsible for what God gives you alone.

9. Be bold in proclaiming what God shows you. I have prophesied things that were strangely prescient.. my only regret was not being bold enough when I heard.  Not every event that happens in the world is your responsibility to prophesy.  You may not prophesy every earthquake or hurricane.  But you may prophesy a few.  When you are given an impression.. speak it out.  You will develop trust in your gift only by doing so.

10. Don't be impatient or impulsive in your prophetic instincts.  Waiting on the Lord is the key to hearing from Him.  He tells the prophets before He does things, you may even be included, but not if you are not quiet before him.

Prophets Prophesy!!

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