Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Your call into light

Last night, I was honored to offer prophetic insight to some people. There is ONE question people come to a prophet with, in a church, that is always the most painful to answer. I can offer the word of the Lord in Finance, Relationships, Destiny and callings.

When I get this question however, it is difficult. The woman said, "I am under a lot of persecution here, I want to know if the Lord wants me to leave this church, and join myself to another fellowship". I didn't inquire as to the nature of the persecution, I have a sense she was attracting that to herself. That was my impression.

So what do you do? I love Crusaders. It's home. I can't understand her confusion. So I laid hands on her and then spoke the word of the Lord over her.

Here's what the Lord had me to say, "I did not call you into Darkness Daughter, I called you into light, magnificent glorious light. I will call you into even more light. More revelation. More love. More Knowledge and Wisdom. Your steps are ordered of me and your obedience will lead you to make the decision that you KNOW is right. Only follow the call of light, wherever that leads, and if you make a wrong choice, I will not turn you away. I call you into light, not darkness."

I hope she will soon recognize that what she already has, IS LIGHT. As a prophet, I seldom give advice, I try to hear what the Lord is saying and say what He says. The good news is, He gave me a book to study up on. That helps.

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