Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Priorities are Holy

When we hear or speak of holiness, we sometimes equate them with behavior, actions, attitudes, piety or obedience.  Yes those are all true.  Yet not the TRUTH.

There are things on the heart of God.  Things that right now HE deems important.  There are other things that we cope with that are FAR from the heart of God.  I won't list them.  You know what they are.  They are clear in the book of Galatians.

So when we decide what to do with our time and attentions we are making decisions, setting priories that are either Holy or Not Holy.  Not that they are evil, just maybe NOT on the heart of God.
I enjoy TV, football, baseball, oldie music (when it was real), the news, political things, world affairs.

I spend more time on these than I might if I had my priorities right.

I don't spend as much time as I might with priorities more in line with God's will, purpose, agenda, and yes HIS priorities.  Those are Holy.

So I find myself asking me, is this priority I am placing in my life Holy (is it on God's priority list) or is it something I do to entertain myself.  I don't much go to movies.  Not holiness issue, just don't care about them much. Don't have much depth in Pop Culture.  Don't engage in a lot of things.

Doesn't make me more or less holy...

I want to know the priorities of God and then be Holy as HE is Holy.  All else ends up being dissipation and as the years go on, that matters.

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