Monday, September 29, 2014

Beyond the Glass Darkly.... what is coming ... soon

Let me preface this by cautioning, almost NEVER does the true prophetic contain a time line. If it did the Jews wouldn't have missed the hundreds of clues about the appearance of the Messiah.  No time line.

Those who insist that the true prophetic requires a time line need to tear whole chapters out of their Bibles in the old testament.  It doesn't mean it NEVER happens, but it happens seldom, very seldom does a prophecy have a time and date.  Prophets see things prophetically in two dimensions - Like a photo.  There is a series of events evident to come, this - then that.  But like looking at the picture of the rocky mountain range, how far that mountains is from one peak to another is not evident from the photo.

Here are things that in the future this prophet sees coming.  How soon?  Who knows.  I don't and neither does anyone else.  Yet they are clearly there prophetically.

Social Reversals like Abortion, Gay Rights (Marriage) and  legal drugs will not go away soon.  Not for a long time.  Those battles have been lost.  They won't be reversed.  The culture will change slowly and they will drift away out of disuse from changed hearts, not by legislation.  The genie is out of the bottle. It was released November 2012.

Islam is in collapse in spite of what you see and hear.  The terror you see makes many believe it will take over the world, but the world at large is not going to allow this.  Resistance at the metaphorical gates of Vienna has already taken place.  It has caused a pox on a population and region that will not reverse soon.  Yet as their power in certain areas becomes dominant, it will suffer from an infection called truth.  It will come from the inside out.  Their dominance will become their enemy. Infighting over power will become a self destructive force. It will destroy itself.

There will be large migration of former Muslims to Christianity.  It's not a direct route. Those who become disillusioned will first disavow all spiritual things.  "I HATE ALL RELIGION" will be their cry.  They will need something to fill the void.  Islam is bankrupt spiritually.  Over time many will find the truth of Jesus.  Some who will come out will be those most passionate once about Islam, even some terrorists will become as fearless in spreading the truth about Jesus to populations not reached by the traditional church.  They will be like Paul the Apostle.  This is not imminent, but the vacuum created by the collapse of Islam will manifest this.

The coming spiritual awakening will not be participated in by the western church. The western church as we have known it will either undergo a radical transformation (on a case by case basis) or it will dissolve.  There will be some who will thrive.  Most will not.  It's not about relevance, but about making it real.  There will be entry level ministries that will prosper for a while (Lakewood and Willow Creek) however hunger for MORE will come and people will become seekers of truth. Training wheel Christianity cannot last long. Normative future Christianity will manifest miracles, great faith, freedom, bold prophetic, deliverance, healing and supernatural interventions.  Abnormal will be tradition, sameness, simple preaching and powerless sacramental exercises.  This will cause splits.  Even in the Catholic Church.  We saw it once before and will see it again.  God truly is about to do a new thing.

Economic disaster will result in some very hard times for many.  Nothing is possible that can be done.  There will be a long stagnant time of economic drift.  The economic engine of the whole earth, the US  economy, will be eclipsed by other nations with more economic vigor.  In the end, these hard times will result in the dismantling of much of the rotten political infrastructure that has caused this.  Trust in government will continue to fade. 

Republican and Democrat parties as has been known in the USA will become two new parties, maybe not in name, but in essence. One side hyper conservative and the other hyper liberal.  They will do battle at the polls for the heart of the USA.  It will become a civil war.  Maybe not hot at the beginning but just below the surface.  There will be no middle ground.  It will be a war of worldviews.  This war has already begun.  One side has already won some hard fought battles... Gay Marriage, Open Abortion, Gays in the military, Open Borders, Islamic Infiltration, Militarized Police, Legal Dope, Indoctrination of Children by Public Education and many more.  The war is not yet lost.. but many battles have already been won.

This will not be reversed at the polls. This can only be reversed by heart changes.  Poverty and crime cannot be changed without a change of heart.  These things will not be changed without a change of heart. No one can legislate these things, only a return to the heart of God can.  Attempts at legislation restraint always fails.  Every protest has become an exercise in futility.  Those gatekeepers who make or allow these decisions are either sanctioned or removed by those who have the power to do so.  The requirement on the part of the redeemed is to not only pray, but to be certain they are on the right side of righteousness.  Deception is rampant.

There is one dire prophetic vision I keep getting and hope to not see it to come.  I do not believe that an armed uprising of Muslim militants in the USA has much hope of success.  Anger and outrage are too great.  Even if the administration were to somehow try to tamp down civilian armed resistance, the level of indignation will overwhelm the people in power.  Military will back down, even for a little while if Police were to try to control, it will fail.  We DO have a well ordered armed informal militia in the USA and they are ready.  I do not hope for this, yet I see it.  I hear the drumbeats.

IF an armed enemy were to drop a nuclear bomb on Chicago, New York or LA the rest of the USA would rise up in unity against that enemy.  Fiercely.  It would be unity in spades. 

The scenario that is more ominous is the attack of an Electro Magnetic Pulse against the USA.  It would create a near panic at first, then a self feeding frenzy as people scramble for scarce frozen resources.  Many would die. Some have predicted as many as 90% of the USA.  I don't believe that, but that is how frightful this can be. There would be some who would help one anther out in this situation.. but in a post EMP world, that would be fragmented and rare.  People will turn on each other in an attempt to survive.  Freezing and starving in the cold will cause many to become near animals. People's hearts are not in tune with this grace.

In my prophetic view scope,  the USA in order to stop ISIS will use an EMP over their positions wiping out all communication and transportation. Crippling them.  That however would give license to the use of an EMP over the USA by another nation.  North Korea, Iran, China, Russia or some other are all candidates?

LONG AGO I had a vision that Obama would not finish out his term.  Not from assassination, but from some other force.  I cannot tell you what that is.  I don't yet know.  I haven't talked about this much.  Yet his capacity to operate as President is becoming more and more tenuous.  Not just because of his lack of ability, but because circumstances around him are falling apart.  He is disintegrating before our eyes. I don't want to seem him leave early.. I saw this event.. long ago.

We need peace and tranquility.. it can only be found in ONE PLACE. ONE.  It's not geography or political, it's a man on a throne.  JESUS.  He is all there is and he is all we need.  Don't please say amen until you grasp what that means to YOU and to ME.

When heaven invades earth, something has to change, and it's not going to be heaven.  IF you think we have heaven on earth, consider what has to take place, what has to be wiped away, what has to start or stop for heaven to come to pass.. and then you will see what the nature of the Kingdom Expanding really looks like.  I have seen it.. and it will take a great deal of painful change.

Evenso.. Come!!

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