Thursday, September 4, 2014

Missing - Airplanes in Libya - A Sword in an evil hand

Unless you have been sleeping, you have heard of the news of  missing airline jets in Libya. Many are fearful.  Many are in panic mode.  We do not understand prophetically what this really means.  It's a sword.

Here's what I hear the Spirit say:

"Fear not. This is a diversion from the reality of the times you live in.  This is a weapon of war in the hand of the enemy. Fearing a sword in the hands of a friend is unreasonable.  Fearing a sword in the hands of an enemy is reasonable.  Do not fear the sword, be aware of the hand that wields it.  Do not fear but be vigilant.  Many have been lulled to sleep by a spirit of "peace peace" (but there is no peace) as an enemy musters just over the hill.  You are well able to take him, you are well equipped.  I have already given you what you need.  Now is the time to wake from the dream.  The battle is on.  Swords are being taken up.  Swords of the Spirit and Swords of the Flesh.  Know who your enemy is. Do not be deceived or lulled to sleep again.  Yet do not fear, for I AM with you".


Dan McDaniel said...

Good word Prophet. It echoes what I have been feeling. Thank you for confirmation. As believers we are supposed to be warriors. That comes easily for me but I fear that the vast majority are still sleeping. It's time to mobilize.

Anonymous said...


Ron McK said...

Zedekiah put horns on his head and called out, “Go up! Go up! Attack and be victorious”.