Wednesday, September 3, 2014

The Beheading of the Journalists in Prophecy

A few months after President Obama took office, he made a speech in Cairo.  I listened to it and saw an open vision.  This is what I saw...  with the events of the last few days I understand what the vision meant.  You will too.  The Guards are those who defend and support the policies of the USA and in particular the administration of Obama.  These two journalists beheaded are those two guards.  They represent the death of the guard that a free press is supposed to provide.  They are part of the manifestation of a spirit that President Obama brought with him into office.  Here the Vision:

Thursday, June 4, 2009

A Prophetic Image as I Listened to Pres Obama's Cairo Speech

As I listened to the President give his speech a vision rose up.

I saw the President sit down after his speech and the guards who stood by on both sides of the podium were executed. First by a cut into the shoulder then by beheading. These guards being sacrificed went willingly. They knew what was expected. They knew what was coming. They knew that upon the completion of the speech that they must die.

As the blood flowed on the dais, as the severed heads and the bodies fell to the ground, no one moved. No one felt like it was unusual or unexpected. No one grieved for the fallen now dead guards.

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Ron McK said...

Gene, you interpretation is a stretch and does not ring true.

The more obvious interpretation is that when Obama stood on the podium in Egypt and promised to work for democracy to bring peace and prosperity to the Middle East, he was speaking with a forked tongue.

As soon as he left the stage, the principalities and powers that controlled him went to work with the sword. On one side of Egypt, he shafted Gaddafi the guardian of peace in Libya and started a war that is destroying the most prosperous nation in Africa and spreading is now spreading war and bloodshed throughout North Africa.

On the other, side of Egypt, he shafted Assad, who was maintaining peace in the Levant. He stirred up a war there that has now spread into Mesopotamia and there is no end to the bloodshed in sight.

He promised democracy and peace, but on both sides of the stage in Egypt, he has stirred up bloodshed and war, and he now has no strategy to end it.

In Egypt, he organised a military coup to overthrow the democratically elected government and installed a military dictator. That is the blood on the stage.