Wednesday, September 24, 2014

It's a New Year, Rosh Hashanah and The Future is Coming.... and most are not ready for what is about to happen

These things are going to happen... soon?  I can't say.   But they are coming.  We are to be prepared for whatever comes.  However.. most won't be.

What you can expect..

  • Increased Terrorism, even if there isn't an actual attack, there will be fear.  How will you deal with that? Give in to the fear or rise above. 
  • Economic decline.. even more than we have seen.  There is a large reset coming .. are your  ready?  Gold is not the answer, relationship to a Providing God is.
  • Institutional collapse.  Healthcare is about to collapse... there will be practitioner.. but they will not be free or even subsidized.  Physicians are quietly going on strike.  You will not be able to find care when you need it.  The whole idea of reform is dead.
  • Educational collapse.  The whole public education system in major urban areas will become so bloated and top heavy it will collapse.  Universities will close across the nation.  Getting a higher education is going to become much more difficult.  Public education is bankrupt.
  • Balkanization of populations will increase, not along racial lines you might think, but along economic and political divisions.  The civil war of ideas is going to become very bitter and divisive. There is no middle ground.  You will take a side.  Blue V Red... nothing in between.
  • Trust in government will sink to new levels.  That includes trust in Police and the judicial system.  
  • Economic freedom has been stripped out of our society. It will not return without a major revolution.  This is more than election, the coming economic collapse will require re examination of every foolish policy that has robbed us of our future.  Jobs will not be formed with economic liberty disappeared.
  • Trust in institutional religion is finding new lows.  Churches in the USA have failed to find a way to reach a burgeoning population of millennials.  They want to find spiritual peace. They try all kinds of things.  Reaching them with the truth is what is missing.  There is about to be a HUGE move of God but the churches in the USA will not be ready to meet the need. The largest group of people now in the USA by age are average 23 years old.  Look at the population mix in the church you attend.  IS that the age bracket of your people?  How do you appeal to a 23 year old.  They are hip, smart, more conservative in some ways but more socially liberal.  Gay marriage and abortion.  You can't compromise, but you will have to find a way to talk to them about life here and destiny.  They don't believe in sin, hell or guilt.  You will need to find new ways to meet them where they are.

The prescription for this is helping people face the changes and not make promises they can't believe.  While I appreciate a hopeful positive word of encouragement, I also need to hear what is needed for me to hear the truth and how to deal with it. I am going to hate to see thousands of churches close because they can't cope with the coming revival.. but they will close. 

This will break all the rules.. and everything you thought you knew about how to serve the Lord for others will be turned upside down.

Are you ready for what is about to happen?  It's a NEW YEAR

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