Friday, December 20, 2013

Facing the End...with Optimism... Part 4

The time of this trouble in our world will be global. The high will be brought low.  This will appear to be a good thing for those who are low and feel like the high and mighty deserve this.  The problem is the low will be brought lower and many will not survive this time.  This is not the great tribulation, it is a great tribulation.  It comes as a curse on those nations who have substantially abandoned God and turned to their own ways.  Judgment was always declared on nations, but people in nations suffered.  "All the nations will be gathered before Him; and He will separate them from one another, as the shepherd separates the sheep from the goats; Matthew 25:32

There  is going be a complete economic reset in the nations, particularly harsh among those nations who have tried to game the global economic system to sustain unstainables mostly in western countries.  This will mean the collapse of currencies.  This will mean warfare intranationally (civil war) as services collapse.  It will start slowly, Detroit was considered a black swan by many.  That destiny waits for many cities, states and nations. Prophets have declared in the past that Detroit would be a pattern for the nation.  Many spiritual leaders didn't think it would be like this.  Other cities will collapse, then states and eventually the whole nation.  Once one large western nation collapses, other economic dominoes will follow; one at a time.  That will create the chaos that neutralizes the supposed power of a one world currency. 

People will form these smaller subcultures.  Skill will once again become the currency of exchange.  I will do for you as you do for me.  Exchange will be conducted with hand written IOUs in small community groups.  Those who have nothing to offer (skill), those who cannot contribute in these small sustaining subcultures will die.  Man's fallen nature will not support one another in a godless society.  Give to get.  Dog eat dog.

In addition to this the constancy of violent global weather conditions, not unusual, just constant will result in unmet need in nations.  When earthquakes, hurricanes, typhoons, tsunamis, epidemics, volcanic eruptions, blizzards, tornadoes, floods, landslides and a hundred other killer events after a global economic collapse (I promise one is coming) there will be no response.  There will be no one left to respond. People will perish.  There will be much death and destruction from this.  There is hope however and it bear the signs of rebirth.  Read on.

All this seems like doom and gloom and the end of all things.  It's not, it's birth pangs as the Kingdom of God is advancing.  Those who look to these events as the end of the world aren't looking the optimistic future I see.  BUT, you might say, "doesn't seem very optimistic to me".  NO, if we depend on our leadership, our government or a corrupt world economic system, we have good reasons for pessimism.  There is no cause for optimism as long as two altars are in every home, city, church, state and nation.  One allegedly to the God of our Fathers and one to the Beast supported by the false prophet.  We have that now. Two altars in many churches, Baal and God.  One of prosperity and fertility (Baal) and one of God (Trusting HIM for provision and protection).  It's time to figure out which one must come down.

The result of Baal worship is that those who support it become dog food.  Jezebel and Ahab was a type of this religious system of government with false prophets who supported this evil government and economic bondage system (as is being formed right now in the USA).  The worship of Baal was for the purpose of assuring prosperity. That's the antichrist system we have in effect today.   You don't have to look for the antichrist spirit, he is in the news every day.  You don't have to wonder what religious governmental combine is supported by this.  It's global.  It's a strange combination of the false prophet encouraging tolerance by imposing intolerance.  Islam is one such, but as John the Apostle said, the antichrist is already in the world and there are many antichrists.  When you see a false worship based on peace and prosperity wrapped up in government and supported by media with a degraded culture (as seen on TV and it's not Sham Wow) you see the beginning of the day when it must all be thrown down by the Eunuchs and consumed by the dogs. THROW HER DOWN.

Don't fear this, there will be places of refuge, but they won't be predictable.  They will happen as the Holy Spirit manifests Christ among us.  Many places will remain in deep darkness, but the Holy Spirit will brood above the deep darkness and bring light at His Word. This will result in the greatest awakening the world has ever known, even in Israel as a sign and a wonder.  Jesus will be manifested even greater than we have ever known.  Nealy all churches as we have known them will dissolve. Our focus on some supposed future event will be discarded for the realization that here and now is the fullness of the Presence of Christ.  In the natural tragedies of flood and famine there will be supernatural events that point only to the true and living God. Manna, Healing, Wholeness, Provision.  It is that happening at the hands of Holy Ghost empowered witnesses (not witnessing, being witnesses) demonstrating deliverance to the nations.

This will require sacrificing all the priests of Baal in our lives.  No more can we be of two opinions.  Now only one.  Our God is one.... and HE IS ABLE



Ron McK said...

Good Stuff

What do you think now about JP Jackson's perfect storm. He made a lot of 2012, but that seems to have passed without much consequence.

Gene said...

Ron, you know your book was influential in this. I read it twice and put it down. It's not reference. It's formation. There may be slight differential... this is after all the way it is coming to me now. Yet, to not give you credit (along with all the others who have been helpful in my grasp of these things) would be wrong. Thank you and keep up the fight.