Monday, December 9, 2013

I Believe in Prosperity

Many people write things about the horrors and unchristian teachings of the Prosperity Message.  Most of these people are poor, at least in a global sense.  They rail against something they don't have as justification for not having it.  I get that.  I rail against people with hair on the top of their head.  The problem I have is the prosperity message is propagated by 1. Wanna be prosperous folks who believe in a magic spell wrapped up in a bible message.  2. People using the idea of give to get to extract money from poor people.  I hate this one too.  3. People who use prosperity messages from worldly sources to support a so called biblical prosperity viewpoint.

The problem with all three of these is they are flawed since they miss the point of prosperity, true prosperity.

IF you want to see the fallacy of those who are against Prosperity teaching because it's been done badly or is manipulative is the baby they threw out with the bathwater was alive. 

The opposite of Prosperity Teaching (legitimate prosperity) is poverty teaching.  You don't deserve it.  If God wanted you to have it he would have given it to you (this argument is also the one cessationists use to discount the gifts of the Spirit).

So we live in the illusion that sovereignty of God is involved in our prosperity or lack.   That is not the case.  God gave us the POWER to get wealth.  It's in your Bible.  He wants us to live above the line.  He expects us to take advantage of all He gives us in ability (take a breath, that's ability). 

If I have to choose between teaching that involves accepting lack, want, poverty, Ill health, no opportunity, degradation and decline OR Upward mobility, health, well being, achievement and resultant prosperity, I will choose prosperity.

It's a choice.  Poverty, fear, doubt and despair preaching or Prosperity faith, hope and expectation.  I know what I will choose.

Don't worship the outcome, satisfaction in all states as the Apostle Paul wrote of is the right place, but as Paul faced the certainty of his head being cut off, and in Ill health imprisoned, he would say, I don't think I would be of more benefit to the Lord if I were Free, healthy and financially secure out among them.... REALLY?

God has given you a great gift of ability, whatever it is, now go out there and use it for his GLORY!

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Anonymous said...

Dereck prince teaches on the book of Job. He discusses the imbalance to the prosperity gospel taught and the err of it scripturally balancing it out. I view it this way a study of the original language where paul tells timothy to flee from those who teach godliness as a means of gain. taught out by james Robison on balaams err any gain. Apart from Gods specific will and direction. Seems to lead me to conclude. the carnal mind is at enmity with God and God will give you the desires of your heart by implanting His desire. We all know God blesses but there is also a sin of presumption and a wrong way to teach doctrine that will lead to much sorrow and possibly departure from the faith. There is Spirit led living and a carnal mind living we are never to take the creature (us)over the creator. Romans is clear this will lead to death and not life for the letter apart from the Spirit will kill.applicable to the way people teach doctrine in the form of Godliness as gain. I heard a well known minister on T.V. the other day say we have a contract and hold up His bible and here I thought the Word was made flesh living and alive.

What do I mean by that. well when the minister stands up and presents doctrine in this sense. "I am rich, and have become wealthy, and have need of nothing," As the ladocian church seemed to think it violates Godliness with contentment and causes covetousness and discontent, When a minister teaches a carnal mind can interput Gods will find it name it claim it mindset apart from the Seeking the Holy Spirits Direction and Enablement. It really is comparable to living by the letter and not by the Spirit. Or as Pulpit Commentary puts it Verse 17.
- And take the helmet of salvation. This is the head-covering (comp. Psalm
140:7). In 1 Thessalonians 5:8 we read, "putting on for an helmet the hope
of salvation." The glorious truth that we are saved (comp. Ephesians 2:5,
8) appropriated, rested on, rejoiced in, will protect even so vital a part as
the head, will keep us from intellectual surrender and rationalistic doubt. And
the sword of the Spirit, which is the Word of God. The sword supplied by the
Spirit, the Word being inspired by him, and employed by the Spirit; for he
enlightens us to know it, applies it to us, and teaches us to use it both
defensively and offensively. End Quote Sadly many are being taught to apply doctrine apart from God the wisdom is earthly carnal and will be costly !
This is serious considering the apostle james says we are to not say we shall go here or there but if the Lord wills. China has a much better doctorinal view than the U.S.