Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Facing the END in Victory... Part Two of a Prophetic Download.

There are ideas that have been presented that are not entirely accurate. It's not just the eschatology, it is an understanding of the victory over sin and death that was fought and WON at the cross witnessed by an empty tomb over 2000 years ago.

Someday the world will indeed cease to exist as we knew it physically...yet it will never end. When Jesus is revealed (either upon our stepping from time into eternity or when the earth dissolves... as must happen eventually) we will see HIM as HE really is. The scroll will be rolled back and then the SON will shine brighter than the SUN. That is the revelation of HIM that we will all see together. It's just not going to happen soon. Stop looking for it. There is no great showdown ending with the world ceasing to exist. The Kingdom of God is not going to stop advancing until the end of the WORLD... so enjoy the journey without fear.

How about the mark of the beast, the one world money system, the "no man can buy or sell except"? All happened and will happen again and then will not. In fact eventually all attempts to create a single currency fails (see Bitcoin). At one time all of the Roman Empire used a single currency. How about now? Attempts and failures over the centuries to control commerce by creating fiat currency has always ended in defeat. Its not to say the devil doesn't try it again and again, it's just destined to fail. In fact soon God's judgment will once again appear to crush this vain attempt. This worldwide system will collapse.

What about the bowls of wrath, the vials, the hailstones, the four corners, the winds, the beast from the sea, the "hide me", the terrors of Revelation all happened right on schedule. AD 72. The religious system of the Beast Judaism and Government were crushed and destroyed. Since all things in the earth are deep long term cycles and birth pangs, they happen again and again and again as the Kingdom advances.

Those who doubt God's capacity to bring judgment on evil don't own a newspaper, radio, TV or have access to Internet news. YET all these things are past, present and future... as the Kingdom increases. Don't read the news with an eye towards the end, or Jesus coming thru the clouds on a white horse; He did, in the sight of the High Priest. And he will again, but this time in GLORY as the beast system is once again put to dust, to shame.

Think of all the beast systems that are now properly filed in the dustbin of history. Baal, Greek and Norse god Worship (remember Zeus and Odin?), Egyptian gods of government now only exist in hieroglyphics, who knows what Stonehenge was all about, or the Mayan and Aztec gods who were sacrificed to of human flesh and in more modern times Japan, China, Nazi and certain African nations who considered their leaders gods or demi gods. Now all gone. Only Jesus remains. And at some point when Islam is exposed it too will die the death all false religion dies. As will Hindu and all other. Only Christ, the true and living God will survive the millennial. All others are judged.

Jesus spoke of certain times in Matthew 24. They all came to pass exactly as he predicted in 72AD. Yet we must also be aware of the cycles.... deep and long. Catastrophe has come and will come again so the warnings Jesus makes are still in effect. We ignore them as history at our own risk. They are History, but they ring true as the great cycles of humanity turn. We lurch from obscurity, to abundance, to bondage and then into catastrophe. It has been ever thus and the Books of Kings and Chronicles are there as a shadow of what we expect.

The lawless acts warned about to Timothy by Paul are true. Men do wax worse and worse....then the cycle turns, revival comes, repentance and GLORY shines. It will happen again. We are not far from a much greater revival (accompanied by great persecution) than you can imagine.

I write all this not to convince you to change your thinking. That is a journey you must take for yourself. There are many great books and blogs to help you find the way. If however you persist in believing that somehow you will be spared by some escape in the future (rapture), you are about to be discouraged. You won't escape, you will be hidden, you can be in Goshen, you can live in the provision and protection of the Lord, but you will not escape unscathed. If you look at the long cycles of history, you will see it.

There are things that are taught wrongly in many circles that must not be ignored. There is something about the people Israel. There is much we don't grasp. Who they are and what they represent to God in his illogical covenant commitment to such a rebellious people. Those who are grafted in later (that would be you and me) are just as rebellious. If I were God I would have chosen a much more worthy race of folks, Germans perhaps. (OK that's a joke) In any case, ignoring what is happening with the covenanted people even in rebellion is intentional spiritual blindness. The very fact that they now speak the language Moses spoke and was spoken to at the burning bush and occupy the same land is not without prophetic meaning. This is a sign to those of us who are grafted in to have confidence in our God. They may lose the land, but the covenant will still be in place. He is not an indian giver God.

God's great advancing Kingdom is becoming greater. Have hope in God.

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