Saturday, December 28, 2013

The Ressurection

I am asked what about the resurrection. We need to read our Bibles clearly. I will hope you know the scriptures. What was Jesus like after He rose from the dead. That's what we will be like. What if the Romans had decided to burn Jesus body to be certain he would not rise from the dead. It would have saved on Guards at the tomb. WOULD THE POWER OF GOD been enough to raise him from the ashes? OR would Father have said, RATS, It was a good plan but i need a body to raise someone from the dead. Guess I'll try again. I'm not being sacrilege here, The question about bodily Resurrection gets all messed up. JESUS was raised from the dead into a Glorified Body. Just like you will get when you die. Raised bodily. Sure we will all be raised from the dead, we will rise in the air into an eternal heaven... God doesn't need your earthly molecules to raise you bodily to life everlasting with a glorified body just like Jesus has. The Resurrection is not to your former corrupt state, you will be JUST LIKE JESUS in a Glorified Body. There is nothing good about your old body. You will rise again, but it won't be like you thought... unless you know the scripture. Then you think right.

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Vincenzo said...

Thanks for the post Gene. I should have been more clear in my previous post about the resurrection. I didn't mean a resurrection to the same mortal body, but to deathless life, eternal youth as Jesus returned to this realm to reclaim his body from the grave.