Saturday, December 14, 2013

Apostle John Eckhardt Declarations for December, the end of 2013

I will end this year in the strength of the LORD.
I will close this year with praise and thanksgiving for what he has done for me in 2013.
I will end this year with renewed strength and commitment to advance the Kingdom of God.
I will end this year by forgiving any that have hurt or offended me, and blessing those who have spoken against me in 2013.
I will end this year believing that new things are being prepared for me in 2014.
I will finish this year in victory.
I will finish this year in the power of the Holy Spirit.
I will finish this year in prayer for 2014 and beyond,
I will finish this year believing for new doors, new opportunities, new grace, new favor, new ideas, new vision, new faith, new anointing, and new levels for 2014.
I renounce all the works of darkness, and recommit by life to love, humility, holiness, faith, prayer, worship, and the will of God.
I loose myself from all spirits of darkness that would try to follow me into another year in the name of Jesus.
I speak health, healing, life, prosperity, wealth, and shalom at the close of this year.
I use what I have learned this year to launch me into another season of blessing and increase.
I renounce all failure and frustration from this year, and decree it will not carry over into 2014.
I prepare myself to crossover into a new year and a new season of breakthrough and increase.
I decree that 2014 will be a year of blessing, favor and increase for my life.
I prepare my heart to receive new prophetic words that will launch me into the new year in the name of Jesus.

Let the glory of God manifest in my life at the end of this year, and prepare me for greater lvels of glory in the years to come.

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