Friday, November 9, 2012

Sandy was a type of the Perfect Storm John Paul Jackson has Prophesied

This morning I was struck by how much like the Perfect Storm prophecy brought by John Paul Jackson a few years ago was like Hurricane Sandy.

It is also not without note that the hurricane and its aftermath is a harbinger of the perfect storm our nation is about to go thru.  This is not just about the re election of Barack Obama, it is about the bad decisions over decades that have led us to this place.  A perfect storm.

Let's consider the days leading up to hurricane sandy. Warnings were made.  People were told this is going to be rough. People were advised to flee to safety.  As it came closer many people prayed that somehow the hurricane would not impact them.  Then as predicted with great fury the hurricane destroyed property and lives.  Many who were lost were those who decided to ride it out.  Those who did not heed the warnings were the most vulnerable. They thought they knew better.  Thinks would be OK.  Things would work out.  They had always survived before. They would again.  Except many did not.  Now they live lives of desperation.

The hurricane destroyed huge swaths of humanity and it's structure.

In the aftermath this scenario is tragic.  The poor and homeless are much worse off.  They had no safety net.  The elderly and infirm are lost, many died.  These tragedies most often harm the most vulnerable among us.

The middle class suffered, but they had some resources   Those left behind may not have power, but they have generators.  Or they have friends to reach out to.  They get by.  Yes it's inconvenient and difficult, but they are survivors.  They have great loss but not enough to cause them to despair.  They are angry about the situation, but they are realistic about it as well.

The rich felt almost no impact at all.  Uptown Manhattan was virtually undisturbed.  Donald Trump bragged his building didn't even sway.  Yes a bit less convenient.  A bit less clean, but the little people will take care of that.

The perfect storm impoverished the poor, disturbed the middle class and the wealthy are unaffected.

Now in the aftermath, there have been a few photo ops by politicians.  The government has been incompetent in doing anything.  Lawlessness and looting is rampant.  Elitist government officials are bungling.  Now nearly two weeks later nothing is happening. Power is still out.  Fuel is non existent in many areas.  The law of the gun is in effect.  People that trust in government to fix things are once again surprised at it's ineffectiveness   Only private help is working.  Neighbors helping neighbors.  There is no other way.  When people attempted to help from afar, Unions and government got in the way.

There are many more parallels  but here is the prophetic warning:

A perfect economic and governmental storm is on the way.  You can see it on the radar.  There was some potential for escape, not reprieve, but escape.  People ignored the warnings.  Now the poorest and most vulnerable will suffer and the rich will get richer.  Just like the aftermath of the Hurricane.

Lawlessness will increase.  The law of the Gun will once again rule.  Only neighbors helping neighbors will work in this climate of fear and deprivation.  Government will fail.  Prayer will help, but it cannot stop the storm people's choices have wrought.

The consequence to those who chose to ignore the warnings has become a curse that in some cases take the lives of those who ignored.  People have chosen to stay in the house they thought was safe.  It will be blown away. The safety they thought was there will prove to be as ineffective as the governmental response to Sandy was.  The choices made as the warnings went out have been largely ignored.  The storm is coming.

The winds are picking up speed.


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John Paul Jackson prophecies condensed: