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November's Prophetic Picture by Praying Medic ·

This note is about the events that have transpired over the last month. I see some prophetic significance in them and I have an obligation to share what I'm seeing. I do not believe these things are a form of judgment upon America or the world. That is - unless you define 'judgment' as the simple consequences of the choices an individual or society makes. The law of sowing and reaping is always working in our lives.

First, I'd like to share a concern I that I have about prophecy in general.

People are getting a revelation of the Father's heart of love, which is something we've needed for a long time. The angry, temperamental model of God that the church has envisioned for centuries is being challenged and a new one is being established that I believe is the real deal. I admire men like Joel Adifon, Craig Adams and Nor'west Prophetic for having the courage to represent God in different way.  A truer way; a way the church needs to experience for themselves.

Having said that, I also see a concerning shift in how we view prophecy. The new revelation of God is being used as an objection to anything prophetically that speaks of difficult times ahead. The reasoning goes something like this: "God's heart is to bless us always, in all things. We've been sent to establish His kingdom, which is continually increasing in scope and influence around the world. The enemy has been defeated. We're here to set up a victorious kingdom. Therefore - anything that speaks of difficulty, tribulation, poverty, famine, or disaster is not of God, because God never wants any of these things to happen to us."

So let me ask a few questions:

If you were a prophet in the US, living in 1927 and received revelation from God that portrayed a stock market collapse, famine, drought and despair for many - how would you deliver such a word to the church? Does your theology even allow you to prophesy such a thing? And if you didn't prophesy what God revealed to you - how can you call yourself an obedient son?

I'm concerned that the new revelation we have about God's heart will handcuff prophets and prevent them from prophesying what God has shown them if it happens to portray difficult times. If we only prophesy peace and safety when in reality hard times are ahead - we become exactly like the false prophets to Israel who prophesied peace just before they were taken captive.

To be sure - many prophets need to get a better revelation of God's heart, which will help them interpret revelation in a better light. But we still have to prophesy what God shows us if we want to be faithful to our King.

I read a post by Gene Redlin this morning that spoke pretty well to the issues I've been seeing, so I hijacked some of his narrative. You can find his post here:

Our President
Many Christians were angry and bitter when President Obama was first elected. Over the last 4 years, that bitterness has grown. In the days after his re-election, it's gone off the charts. I've heard it all. I've received private messages from friends sharing prophetic revelation about the president. One group has been shown a change in the president's heart and a radical Jesus encounter during his second term. The other group has been shown a president who tramples the constitutional freedoms we enjoy as he becomes puffed up with pride as the nation falls victim to rioting and civil unrest. Prophecy must be judged. We have an obligation to discern what people are sharing, prophetically. I note that much of this revelation comes to people in the form of dreams and those sharing it are not skilled in dream interpretation. That presents a huge problem in judging what we're hearing and seeing. Before we freak out about the dreams people are sharing, let's discern the source of the dreams and determine if the dreams are speaking about the individual or the nation.

I keep thinking about the kings of Israel and how the pattern of the kings is something like what we see with our presidents. When Israel, as a nation, began turning their hearts away from God, their king would be a man whose heart was not inclined to serve Jehovah. But after a while, calamity would come, the people would repent, turn back to God and their king would be a man who feared the Lord. The king was a man whose spiritual condition was similar to that of the nation. I would argue that the spiritual condition of our president is reflective of the spiritual condition of the people who elected him.

The only way America will ever elect a president who is a spirit-filled man that is zealous for the things of God is if we become that way as a nation. And right now, we aren't. Israel's slide into apostasy was always corrected through times of hardship. And I suspect that we'll go through times of hardship as they did, so that the hearts of the people will be turned back to God. We must always remember that God has a redemptive purpose for everything He does.

Hurricane Sandy
As I watched Hurricane Sandy hit the Northeast coast, I couldn't help but see a prophetic picture taking shape.

Warnings were sent out at least a week in advance about where the storm would make landfall. It was traveling at 15 miles an hour. Evacuation warnings were posted. Citizens were advised to flee to safety. It's not like this storm came suddenly or without warning. But few people heeded the warnings. They decided to stick around. And as the storm approached they began to pray that somehow the hurricane would not impact them. Then (as predicted) the hurricane destroyed property and lives. Many who were lost were those who made a conscious decision to stay. Those who did not heed the warnings were the most vulnerable. They thought they knew better. Things would be OK. Things would work out. They had always survived before and they would again.

But this time things were different.

The aftermath of this storm is tragic. The poor and homeless are much worse off than they were before. A snowstorm came on the heels of Sandy and now they have to live in freezing weather. The elderly, the mentally ill and disabled are either lost or dead. These tragedies hit hardest on the most vulnerable.

The middle class suffered a little, but they had more resources to help them survive. Many were left without power, but some have generators or a network of friends & family to reach out to. Things were not convenient, but they are survivors. They weathered the storm a little better.

The rich felt almost no impact at all. Uptown Manhattan was virtually undisturbed. Donald Trump bragged that his building didn't even sway. Yes, things were a bit less convenient. A bit less clean, but the little people will take care of that.

This storm impoverished the poor, disturbed the middle class and left the wealthy unaffected.

The aftermath is a scene filled with chaos. Lawlessness and looting are rampant. Martial law is in effect in some cities. Gas rationing went into effect yesterday. Power is still out in many places. Those who hoped the government would fix things are surprised at its ineffectiveness. Only private help has really been effective. Wherever neighbors have reached out to help neighbors - there has been civility and safety.

And there's one more thing. Wall Street was shut down by the hurricane for 2 days. When it re-opened, it was because of power provided by backup generators, as most of the city was still without power. The last time Wall Street was shut down for 2 days (due to weather) was in 1888.

I believe this storm was a prophetic picture of a greater storm that is approaching. The kind of things we saw in the wake of Sandy will likely be the kind of things we see on a national and perhaps a global scale. You don't have to be a prophet to see the collapse of Wall Street coming. Bankers, economists and just about everyone with an eye for economics can see the instability in the European economies, the Fed's futile monetary policies, the fiscal cliff we're facing with our budget cuts and the market bubble that's about to burst.

Unfortunately, the warnings that have been issued about the economic storm will be dismissed by most. Suffering that could be averted by preparing for the storm, will be greater than it needs to be.

If you want to do something wise, begin establishing relationships in your community. Reach out to your neighbors and get to know them. When the governemnt is unable to help you - a good friend or neighbor will. That fact is being realized in the wake of Sandy. It's friends and neighbors that give society safety and strength.

If you think I'm happy about all of this, I'm not. I've read posts from people who prophesy doom and gloom with a sense of giddiness because the people they despise are finally being judged by God. Those people don't understand the heart of God and I would advise you to steer clear of anyone who prophesies judgment with a smile on his face. In the last two weeks, nearly all of my dreams have been about meeting with survivalists - also known as "doomsday preppers". I don't say this to frighten you. I say this as your friend and brother. The time to get prepared for the approaching storm is now.

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