Monday, June 13, 2016

There is HUGE Money Available for Missions.. if it's a Mission that Works

In 2005 I was aware of the huge amount of charitable giving that was going on. Most at that time in history.  I contacted some of those people who knew people to contact. I knew many of those with deep pockets who could or would give.  They weren't stingy, they were careful.

Many of them were anxious to give into a mission that would fund the intentional conversion efforts towards Muslims globally. These people saw clearly that an unrestrained Islamic move would become an evil unknown till that point in time in the world.  This was at the stalemate of the Iraq war and the heat of the Afghan wars. 

In 2005 they did not believe bombs, troops and guns would solve anything. They believed in the power of the Gospel to get results if effectively transmitted.  They gave me permission to go to people on their behalf and find the best and most powerful tools that they could fund.  I began the effort.  I was saddened by the outcome.  When President Obama was elected there was hope but they didn't understand what he really meant, the expansion of influence of Islam in the USA.  Many of these wealthy supported him.

There were few real effective strategies.  There were mercy missions. There were silent incursions.  There was radio and satellite.  There were some other efforts.  I met with many.  Some who are still friends of mine. All had a story to tell, but without results that anyone was ready to invest in.

Results is what these financiers of missionary work were looking for.  Not efforts.  I'm not talking about a little money. I'm talking about huge capacity to give.  Hungry for a place to invest.  Kind of like a Shark Tank for Ministries.  IF many of these ministries came in front of the Sharks, they would be laughed out of the room.  Day dreams and fairy dust.

I attempted to partner with some large ministries to accomplish this.  I won't mention names but one such has become nearly apostate over backing away from constancy in the Gospel.  He was ready to bring in the people who could speak truth to the situation.  Yet his timidity (a real problem in missionary work) became the single biggest restraint to effectiveness.

The effort was short circuited by the collapse of the economy in 2008.  People's money went away.  Jobs, businesses and houses were lost.  Now 8 years later there are huge amounts of money on the sidelines.  There is no where to invest it. Banks pay 0.nothing on interest on deposit.  The stock market is scary.  Gold is not a safe haven.  The world is at war with itself.  The uncertainty of the upcoming elections in Britain and the USA have many people shaken.

There is no safety.  Even at the Bilderberger meeting, if there was a way to get it done, without war, by conversion, there is money begging to find a home to help with an effective mission.  Man's efforts at Missions to turn Islamic Fundamentalists from their evil ways is missing.  Mercy doesn't do it.  Relief efforts are a waste of time and money.  We need a frontal war of truth given by the power of the Holy Ghost.

Monied people may not be that christian, but they recognize the need for reform of a distorted anti christian cultural religion against the norm that western society was built upon.  At the end it became apparent that there is no effective mission to Muslims that is getting results.  Therefore the money stays on the sidelines.

I hoped there was such a mission, one that got results, one that could say with certitude and concreteness..  "God changes hearts through my efforts".  There is only one:  Only the Holy Ghost's power is what matters and He doesn't need funding.

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