Monday, June 27, 2016

A Wind of Change is Blowing

Last Monday night the night of the full moon summer solstice I was outside with my wife looking at it.  This was an event that happens pretty much once in a lifetime.  Once was in 1948 and again in 1967.  Those were years that changes took place.   A wind blew then and is blowing now.

1967 was the summer of free love.  It began a wave of things that many today consider a downfall.

1967 was a time of social unrest.  A year before Martin Luther King was killed.

1948 was after World War II.  It was the beginning of the cold war.  The Berlin Air Lift was initiated. We were at a stand off with the Russians.

1948 was also the year, an election year, where EVERYBODY KNEW that Dewey was going to defeat Harry Truman.  The famous Chicago Newspaper Headline stands as silent ridicule for a deceived press.

I am not saying that the Moon and Solstice have any powers.  They don't.  I'm not saying that there is any meaning to them other than my ears were open to hear from God.

He said to me:  "You see this and marvel.  Once in a generation or so this happens.  I move in generations.  There are those not yet alive who will serve me with a passion you do not understand.  There will be events coming that will confuse and defy worldly wisdom.  Those considered wise will be made to look lost.  Do not hear the voice of the mocker. They do not know MY voice.  The wind of change is in the air. It is a wind that you see the effects of but cannot see.  I am doing things in the world that only results tell of.  Do no have any fear, for I am in the wind and in the clouds.  I am moving things out of the way that threatened you."

So many things in the natural seem to be crying out that those who consider themselves wise are foolish.  Even the vote in Britain to leave the EU is part of this.  No one expected it.  Every prognostication you hear from the wisdom of the world is wrong.

So look up, see the movement and know the winds of change are blowing.   The song "Blowing in the Wind" by Bob Dylan was an anthem to persuade change. It's time for a new anthem.  The wind is blowing again. 


Denise Mikkelsen said...

This spoke to my spirit big time Gene!

Kathy said...

I have been witnessing the blowing wind of late and I agree with you Gene, "The Wind id Blowing Again". May the Grace of God work in a very mighty way that shows non-believers that when the wind does blow the change can be good for us all. Bless you brother Gene.