Saturday, June 4, 2016

God will not Tolerate an Affront to His Dominion

There is a direct assault against Christians and Christianity around the globe.  You have to be blind to think otherwise.  What is worse much of it comes from inside the borders of the USA.  Our national leaders either support or ignore the frontal push to quiet the voice of God.

Even in churches the voice of God is no longer heard.  Compromise is the heart of modern theology.

Shadrack, Meshach and Abednego would have been ridiculed by today's church for standing up to Nebuchadnezzar

This is not new, It has happened again and again in history.  When you see the kind of open rebellion against God and much of it promoted by misleaders, you can be sure there will be a supernatural backlash.  It will come in 3 forms:

Many lukewarm so called Christians will fall away as the pressure builds.  They will resort to being silent as people are persecuted and die at the hands of satan's servants.

Difficulty from economic and international collapse will cause many to turn to Jesus in desperation ushering in the greatest move of God seen in a hundred years.

The opposition to this will come not just from the secularists but from the nominal church world.  People will come to see the empty rhetoric of churchianity.  Many churches will close.

Lawless people will become more bold against righteousness and at the same time Godly men and women will develop a spine and stand against this.

This is already in motion. It doesn't take a prophet to see the unraveling.  We have been the author of our own decline.The division is clear.

Look UP for your redemption is nigh.  Have faith in God and believe Him to move..  You are a part of this move as you pray and move HIS hand.

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Fallout said...

"Look UP for your redemption is nigh."

The way I see it is that my redemption is here. The second coming is years away.