Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Demonic Religions always want to make a deal

I have been meditating over the shooting in Orlando asking Holy Spirit to give me insight.  I got a revelation that will help us all understand the mentality that causes a man to shoot many people in the name of allah.  We make the assumption that they are zealously religious as Muslims and that they are trying to carry out the Koran's instruction.  This may not be true.

Recent revelations dispute that.

The Devil is always trying to get you to make a deal.  Look at how he treated Jesus in the Desert for 40 days.  IF YOU THEN....   He was bargaining with Jesus for power, kingship and to satiate hunger.Trying to get Jesus to sin.  And if it was temptation he considered it. 

Any religious expression that requires YOU do something and then GOD will do something for you is a works based religion.  It has no content of the Grace of God.  In fact works based religions you are making a deal with God.  I'll do this, you do that.  DEAL or NO DEAL??  Some prosperity teaching borders on this.  Some health "deals" are in this realm.  The one that is most humorous is someone who says, "God if you'll just get me out of this I promise never to bother you again"

The catholic church long ago was big at this.  You had to do things (works) to find true peace and salvation.  Many cults have this as part of their teaching.  Jesus PLUS.  Hindu is the same.  We get that.  We know there is fault in any religion that keeps us separate from the grace of the true and living God.

When thinking about all this, I heard this, "The demon of Islam asks people to do acts of horror to get earn paradise".  

Think of how many suicide bombers die believing that paradise with 72 virgins waits on the other side of the loud boom.  Think of the horror ISIS inflicts on people who think the brownie point tally is moving in their favor with allah.  Works based religions are death.

But there is something even deeper that drives radicalization.  Consider the 9-11 muslims who bombed the twin towers.  They went to a strip club and got drunk the night before they blew themselves and 3000 others up.   The "work" of martyrdom was all the needed for their redemption from their sins the night before. That was the deal.  No matte how they lived, they kept their side of the bargain and expected allah to keep his. Of course they ended up in hell.  The devil is a lie.

Then the Orlando Shooter.  It appears not only did he drink out of line with the strictures of Islam, he was a closet homosexual his ex wife says.  Many homosexuals are married and have children.  So, for him to achieve paradise, seeing his life style was out of order with Islam, was to kill and destroy those who most represented the failure and shame he felt.  It was justice in his "bargain" to kill people some of whom may have been sexual partners in the past. Dying a martyr killing infidels would guarantee paradise (he thought)

Were you aware that some Islamic countries are huge users of pornography?  Pakistan in the area the Taliban occupies is number one. A strange paradox.  They masturbate to the porn and then despise themselves in guilt and hate the nations where it comes from.  They come to the conclusion that the only way to get right is to make a deal with "god" to get rid of the source.   That means being more radical while staying in their sin.  Destroying the source of their personal perversion becomes a way to overcome their shame.  Works kills again.  Consider that Saudi Arabia which has the strictest Islamic law application to women is number six on the porn useage scale.  Using legalism to make a deal with allah.

Pilgrimages, calls to prayer, Ramadan are all outward appearances that try to heal a polluted heart.  Since the Muslim faith lacks any grace at all, it requires works to appease allah.

Sometimes that is expressed by joining ISIS to be with others as tormented as they are.  They are doing gods will in their eyes.  They feel they destroy the great satans of the world.  Jews, Christians, nominal Muslims, and all western infidels.  What is really happening is they are failing again and again in an attempt to appease an unappeasalbe god.  They jump thru convoluted religious works hoops of legalistic rules.  Whenever they rape a woman, they " Marry" them for a few hours.  This makes it OK.  All works.. external, for show. 

Guilt and graceless religion radicalizes people.  It's true in India as well.  People feel they have to do all kinds of weird things to please the gods. Many die every year doing strange things that take their life.

There is only one answer, that is Jesus and the truth of the fully paid price for our sin. The wholeness that sets people free comes with it.  We need to realize how powerful this is.  Once someone trapped in a "deal with god" religion hears the truth.. it's like a million pounds of guilt is lifted from them.  They are free and forgiven without having to sacrifice themselves in a demonic deal with a false god.

I know it seems pat to say it, but the real weapon of our warfare is the unlimited grace of a loving God and the complete payment for all our sins, past present and future.  He never fails us.. ever.  Muslims need to hear this.. how to reach them is another issue.  I don't have the answer, but

Let's spread the news of the unlimited grace of the true and living God - It could save your life

and theirs

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Kathy said...

What happened in Orlando was pure Evil and sadly this is how Satan works. Those that think they are making deals are truly instruments of Evil and receive the great punishment for it in the end, Hell. I will pray and continue to pray for those you speak of in hopes that maybe just one will turn to Jesus and be saved, but the culture in which they have lived for so many years is a barrier that is hard to break. I pray that the evil that we have all been witnessing will turn hearts and souls to the love of Jesus Christ before it is to late.