Tuesday, June 7, 2016

IF we really believed, IF we really Knew who we are, how would we then live?

I heard the Lord say to me once: "You really don't trust me do you".  I objected but the truth was.. I didn't.  It hurt to hear Him say it, but I needed to hear.

Since then I have come to realize I live below my spiritual potential because I really Don't Believe fully, I don't represent by my life what I say I believe and I do not know fully yet who I am in Christ or who he is in me.

IF I truly believed I am saved and sanctified by the Blood of Jesus alone and nothing of my own doing.. how would I behave?

If I believed that all my healings are and were for me today, would I accept malady as easily as I do?

If I truly believed that all the fullness of riches in Glory are supposed to be mine, would I worry so much about money?

If I truly believed that God's mercy towards me is only for my good and not for my destruction ever would I worry so much?

If I truly believed that I have been delivered from so many catastrophes in my life by the Spirit of the Living God would I live any differently?  More fearlessly?

And If I truly understood fully the grace of God in my life would I not want to use it to fulfill my destiny in Him?

I think we and ME do not really believe every promise made in the word of God.  We are timid, passive, fearful, concerned, angry, deceived and a zillion other things because of our unbelief.

SO.. like that dad long ago.. Help me Lord from my Unbelief.

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