Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Top Ten Reasons Ministers and Ministries Fail

I have known a LOT of People who have failed in ministry. Some were not cut out for the work. Some were emotionally incapable of making it.  Some were looking for a job and it didn't take.

Here are the top ten reasons ministers fail:
  1. The call that wasn't. Your call is your anchor and if you were not called, you will drift.
  2. Double-mindedness leading to man pleasing.   You are there to lead.. not follow.
  3. Lack of a centered personal theology which comes from too many books that confuse the issue until they are stumble from one "truth" to another.  Chameleons can't lead.
  4. Being led by the doctrine of the denomination.. the fellowship is your responsibility, not the denomination.
  5. Allowing internal pressure from power groups to sway... hear but ignore and focus on the VISION.  Anything more than one vision is di-vision.  You are the set one, be it.
  6. Allowing ministry to trump your marriage.  Allowing Children to trump your spouse.  Stay in order.
  7. Becoming a follower in the name of servant leader.  You must lead, not follow.
  8. Too many boards directing too many things .. they put you in, they can take you out.  Ministry by committee never works.
  9. Not hearing from hard voices of warning when it comes.  God will always send someone to warn you.. hear them
  10. Not resting when you should.  Overwork will cause discouragement.  Feeling guilty for not Praying enough.  Pray but don't be condemned.
God cares more about the sheep than he does about the shepherds he sends.  Yet he does care about the shepherds too. Hope this helps.

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