Monday, May 25, 2015

My Testimony of Pentecost

In the early 1981 I experienced Pentecost. It was alone. It was powerful.  It was personal.

The Spirit of God was poured out on me and I received Him supernaturally. It is why I am so passionate about what it means to be filled with the Spirit of the Creator of all the universe. The Promise of the Father... Jesus living in me.

I was saved, raised in the church, nominal, not yet entered into the fullness. There was a longing for more.. but nothing happened. When it happened it was so revolutionary I have never been the same. It is too late for anyone to tell me it wasn't of God, that it wasn't Biblical. The idea that everyone who is saved is baptized in the Holy Spirit isn't scriptural. I experienced Pentecost in a moment as complete as that day 2 millennia ago.

There are Ten Things I can testify that happened at that moment that changed EVERYTHING:
  1. The Word of God came alive for me.. Every word lived in a brand new way
  2. Clarity began to set in and delusions were dispelled as the Spirit of Truth entered
  3. I was moved by Holy Ghost Filled preaching in a new way able to hear God speak
  4. I was able to share Jesus without fear in a new fresh way
  5. I became unafraid to testify of who HE is in me.. boldness came
  6. Love for fellow believers magnified.. all believers
  7. I was able to pray longer and deeper than ever, even in English sometimes
  8. Singing in the Spirit became a default worship mode
  9. I began to hear God speak in my quiet time.. comfort, wisdom, insight, vision, hope
  10. Huge passages of scripture supernaturally became part of my permanent memory.  John 14:26  

There an many other things.. no fear of death, stability in my marriage, courage to face difficulty (didn't make the pain less, hope came alive), able to interpret what God is saying when others are speaking in another tongue.  I have had that experiencing again and again. In China, in Brazil, in Mexico and in Europe.  I know what it is to hear someone speak in an unknown tongue and hear what is being said.  God does all things well.

It is a fallacy to say that all saved people have the Fullness of the Spirit. Until you have lived a before and after life, you can't know that. No one who has had a personal Pentecost ever says that. They know better.  Getting saved was one thing, but the most revolutionary thing that ever happened to me was being filled with the Holy Ghost.. Pentecost can come to every individually, personally and it will have the exact same effect as it did in the second chapter of Acts.


Susan said...

Amen & Amen!

BRM said...

hi !! can u pray for me ? i need prayer regarding my marriage. praying for restoration and healing.