Sunday, May 10, 2015

Three Inconvenient Truths About Healing

We know that Jesus went about doing good and healed all who were oppressed of the Devil. So should we.  Churchy religion gets in the way.

There have evolved in many churchy environments three big Obstacle mindsets to being healed:

  1. If it is God's Will I will be healed
  2. If someone would just pray for me, I could be healed
  3. Laying hands on the sick is not really as important as having faith to be healed

I know about now are wondering.  Let me be clear and a few truths about healing.

1.  It is ALWAYS God's will and ability for you or me to be healed. 
Healing is part of the full propitiation.  Part of the sacrifice on the cross.  It is finished.  The soterio, the sozo of our salvation. IF we say we are sick because it's God's will, then we dare not do battle, pray, hope or believe for relief because we would be violating the will of God for our lives. We would be coming against his will. Of course you know that's not the case.  God's will is for you to be healed, for all men to be healed, but not all are.  Since it is part of our full salvation, are all men saved?  NO.  But they all are meant to be. 

It is Gods will for all to be saved, made whole, delivered, healed and as much as is possible to prosper according to his purposes for you and me.  Let me nail that down one more time, don't say, "If it be thy will".  It IS His will.  You are not supposed to be sick.  You are not supposed to be infirmed or in pain.  I'm preaching to ME here.  It is always and in all places for you to be healed.  It's the children's bread..  IF you are a child of God, it's supposed to be your portion of the bread.

2. JESUS in his ministry on earth NEVER PRAYED for the sick to be healed. 
Nor for the dead to be raised.  If we are to do as Jesus did when he walked among us and healing all oppressed of the devil, then why do WE insist on praying for the sick?  To be clear, there is a place where healing and prayer intersect.  It is as we pray for spiritual strength.  As we pray to increase the faith for receiving healing.  As we pray to build ourselves up in the Holy Ghost to heal the sick.  BEGGING GOD to send down his healing touch is not what Jesus did.  He thanked God for hearing him... but what did he do next? He took authority, all authority that had been given Him on earth to cast out demons, heal the sick and raise the dead.  The authority HE gave to the disciples when he sent them out and that was before Pentecost. 

There is no formula other than the one Jesus exampled for us.   Pray to the Father, don't beg, then SPEAK OUT TO THE SITUATION.  Use the same Holy Ghost power that raised Jesus from the dead to heal the sick or cast out demons.  Don't pray, speak.  Every cell and sinew in our body responds to the voice of GOD.. Which when you act in this capacity you carry.  As you speak out healing command the cells respond. You can address them directly.  If a person has an infection, you can say, "Infection I speak to you now in the name of Jesus, come out of her, be extracted and never come back".   It won't always happen.. but it will enough times and more as you practice it more to give you even more confidence. 

If you speak healing over a hundred and ten are healed that's called a start.  When you speak healing words a year later over a hundred and 30 are healed that's called progress.  We are all on the path.  Now to the verse that anyone who thinks they know about healing will revert to... "The prayer of Faith will Raise them up".  You know it well.  So we end up praying rather than taking authority.  What is the prayer of Faith?  It is a prayer made and prayed before the word goes forth, it is meant to build faith, it is meant to be the prayer of instruction and confirmation of the healing power of God as spoken by a saint.  We need to stop praying for the sick and do as Jesus did.. speak to that mountain.  Let's do what Jesus did and stop praying for the sick.

3.  We need to restore the laying on of hands and all that it implies in healing virtue.   Somewhere along the line, particularly in large form churches the idea of laying on of hands for healing has lost it's punch.  There are reasons for this.  Numbers.  When you have an altar call for healing and 90 people come forward, many are tempted to say, "You don't need anyone to lay hands on you to be healed". 

Now there is some weak truth to that.  Certainly Jesus didn't lay hands on everyone who was healed.  Some reached him to receive virtue (woman with the issue of blood).  Some he just spoke to (Go show yourself to the priest and you will be healed).  Yet we have used these events to rob people of the laying on of hands. 

Sometimes when you are very sick, you need to borrow someone's faith to get well.. that is called impartaion of virtue.  Sometimes the problem is the elders of the church who should be the front line are so badly prepared in how to minister healing.  They fall into the first two traps (above).  So nothing happens. 

The well prepared church ministry has  many well trained well developed experienced in ministering healing people who can and will take authority over the illness or demonic influence and by the laying on of hands and anointing with oil to administer the good news of healing.  "who healeth all thy diseases".   If an altar call is 90 or 900, the healing flow takes place, people are healed according to the word of God and God gets the glory.

Does it take faith for healing?  YES.. but faith in what and who is the key.  Lets put our faith in the one who provides healing, the one who paid for our wholeness, the one who is ready, willing and able to heal if we will just do what Jesus did.  There is no formula. Jesus healed in several different modalities.  Yet the common denominator was being prepared to react when the chips are down.

It's too late if when someone comes to you for healing for you to say, "I'll go get elder Randy or Prophet Gene to help".  You need to be equipped for the ministry and today the Lord impressed me that someone needed to clear this up for themselves.  Start speaking to the situation and stop begging God to come do what he gave you all authority to do.


Anonymous said...

Interesting , the doctrine of chastening from the root word study to the branch forms that appear in the new testament show God both has a choice and will in regards to wether one is healed or not. You may study it out if you wish and yes I do believe in the gifts as the Spirit wills active today, however on a deeper note this stems into a lot of different areas as the cross and Spirit led life entail much doctrine. From church discipline a basic article on it
To the doctrine of laying on of hands and Gods expectation to be leading and not following concerning the will of the Spirit who is the Lord as Corinthians states.
Example -2 John 9Anyone who goes too far and does not abide in the teaching of Christ, does not have God; the one who abides in the teaching, he has both the Father and the Son. 10If anyone comes to you and does not bring this teaching, do not receive him into your house, and do not give him a greeting; 11for the one who gives him a greeting participates in his evil deeds.

So we need to be Spirit led not out of our head why ?

μηδενὶ ἐπιτίθει μηδὲ κοινώνει ἁμαρτίαις
nor is -mēde

hastily and thereby share
be partaker is translated as koinoneo means to become a sharer in or be made a partner.

So it could read this way. Do not lay hands on anyone in haste and thereby share or be made partner in the sins of others keep yourself pure.

It is not always appropriate to expect healing as communion mentions one aspect may be restraint by God as the Word chastening appears in the original language or even death as an act of mercy or loss as rev 3 appears as the ultimate act of chastening removal.

Gene said...

I have TWO questions

1. When in all of Jesus Ministry or that of the Apostles as recorded in the Word of God was HEALING as a gift, as the children's bread, as part of who Jesus is and what he paid for on the cross.. WHEN did HE or they ever say, "NOPE, it's not my will for you to be healed, I am chastening you with this sickness to teach you something". When? Never happened even once.


2. If JESUS is the fullness of the Godhead is it always GOD's WILL that people be healed? I understand fully that not all are, but if we come to him, in faith, believing, speaking to the mountain of pain and disease in our lives, then is it his WILL (or not) that restrains us from being healed? I think we become too passive in writing off the bread of the children already allocated to us as believers to "Thy will be done".

Anonymous said...

Well it depends on if we stick to growing and learning in the Word. Chastening or one of the branches of it
1 Corinthians 11:32
paideuometha states it is a judgment ultimately as an act of mercy. Kept in text paul teaches sickness weakness and death are aspects of it.
another aspect is Hebrews 12
So actually it is a major part of apostles doctrine which connects to several foundational doctrines listed as the milk of the Word. The Spirit led life or refusal of and other areas. I was lied to for many years however a Word of knowledge and several weeks of studying many hours and prayer the Word opened up.

I addressed this in a good deal of detail on his kingdom prophecy in refute to one well known. It was examined and studied out according to the reply and found to be true by more than one posting there.

I greatly enjoy your website :)
It seems a church without spot or blemish may be led into a pure well balanced whole council of the Word understanding. I fear many will not endure sound doctrine. Not as speaking to you concerning that for I have found you to be both learned and still learning. chastening as a study will run through the new testament and it was way longer and more applicable than I ever thought before the Lord began to deal with me in both His means according to scripture, His right and how it ties into so many other things. You are more than welcome to seek the Lord on it and verify through a concordance examining scripture in the text it is stated. Have a wonderful day sir.