Sunday, May 17, 2015

The Unveiling Continues as the Bride is Prepared

We are in a time of unveiling, exposure, revelation.

It's all around us.  You see it as people's fleshly motives are revealed.  This is happening in ministry, politics, economics, global strife, government, media, education, entertainment and even in our personal lives. 

That which was hidden and kept in the dark is now being revealed.  Shouted from the rooftops.

Many who are exposed say, "It's always been this way".  Some say "Other people do it".   Others say "I deserve this".  They are being shown up for the filthy clothing they wear.

Much of the national unrest we have seen is in fact exposure.

This is preparation for the bride.  She has been wearing filthy garments.  Wrinkled.  Spotted.  Grave clothes. If she is going to be revealed on the earth to a world hungry for reality to usher in an awakening, it will require her to be cleaned up.  She doesn't look very appealing right now.  She looks exactly like the world. She looks filthy.  She looks like she is at war with herself.  Within the body of Christ is a lack of unity that is in fact stinking filth. 

There is another exposure taking place.  Those who thought themselves followers of Jesus are being exposed for impersonation.  Not sin in the classic sense, but sinful motives, selfish motives, sectarian motives.  Filth.

When the attendants to the bride arrive to prepare the bride for her wedding, some of the cleaning up they must do is uncomfortable for the bride. A cutting away, harsh scrubbing, disinfecting, clipping, a discarding of former things that seemed at one time to be essential.  This causes great discomfort.   It also causes those who think it should be otherwise to know that there is no compromise.

Either the bride is ready for her bridegroom or she is rejected.

Which will we be.. or shall He wait for another?

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