Friday, March 27, 2015

The Rising Storm and NOT A Word

It's common for prophets to give smooth words.  Words of goodness.  God is a Good God, so much so that sometimes He places certain of His servants to cry aloud and spare not. 

For some reason, I have this assignment.  For the last ten years over and over again Father has placed certain things in front of me that if silent blood is on my hands. 

If the watchman sees the enemy coming and doesn't blow his horn to warn the people and the enemy comes and kills someone, that watchman must die because of his sin. I will hold him responsible for their deaths. Ezekiel 33:6

The pain in being one of whom it is required to watch for the sword of the enemy is we are not very popular.  So, in the face of oppression and bloodshed many just remain silent.  The storm rises and not a word is said.  Smooth words.. comfort... encouragement...positive words.  The good news is that Father God is still God.  We can live in that truth.  The enemy is defeated.  There is no victory for him.  Yet, he still roars looking for someone to devour. He still has schemes.  He still strikes like a viper. He still sheds innocent blood.  Some could well be yours or someone you love

It's not hard to see.  The cruelty of Abortion. The disaster that the middle east has become. The anti Semitic horror that manifested in Hitler is alive and well.  Today it comes disguised as liberalism. Tolerance. Love (as in gay marriage). It comes as a precursor to persecution of people of the Book.  Celebrities and politicians are turning their back on those souls rescued from the furnaces of Auschwitz to once again fire up the furnace of hatred.  Of course it's all done in the mindset of liberalism.  Jews are once again the dogs of the earth.  In that liberals agree with Islam.  Islam just cut's their heads off.  The liberal cuts the legs out from under them.  Hatred is the truth of liberalism.

Our nation has gone off the track. The third world war has already begun.  Not yet declared. Yet it is in full fury.  Old enemies are once again enemies.  Our government is deadlocked and adrift with no wisdom at any helm.  

The political solutions have failed.  Misleaders at every level have placed the Body of Christ at odds with the established order.

The Civil Order that once held people together has fallen apart.  The stories coming from a broken culture are heartbreaking.

This is all part of a rising storm.  It may be that this rise will prepared a new move of God.  People reaching the end of their rope once again. 

It is not time to give up, to retire from the battle, but to refire, refocus, decide what and who's you are.  It's time to firm your face to take on the storm to come.  There will be casualties. There will be difficulty.  YET it is impossible to avoid.  There is no hiding place.  The battle must be fought, but be of good cheer, HE has already overcome the world.  The battle is the Lord's... yet you must fight that good fight. 

Take a stand, find righteousness.  Stand for the right. Stand against evil in entertainment, in the media, in government.   Reject the drift that those in charge have brought us to.  Perhaps as we stand and proclaim the storm will calm... yet the storm is coming, and even if not one other prophet is willing to say so, I am.  Now it's up to you to decide.  Cry aloud, spare not.  There is evil afoot in the land. 


Victor said...

Love you brother. I really appreciate your ministry. Your faith, encouragement and insight are priceless! Blessings~

John Taylor said...

Hm, I was waiting for someone to put that into words. Thanks Gene. As the first comment says: "priceless".

Anonymous said...

Actually Gene, you do great with hearing, but your putting the blame on the wrong things. Conservatism is just as much to blame as liberalism. We tend to think that conservatism is the better way, both are two sides of the same coin. I think the challenge is to actually speak of real roots and not hypothetical roots we have because we don't have proper exposure, but our own opinions based on a limited world perspective. You are correct that things are increasing, but incorrect as far as what is contributing to it.