Monday, March 2, 2015

Hiding From The Prophet

If you flow in the prophetic you see a syndrome that puzzles you.


You get a word for someone.  It's a strong word.  It means a life change for them.  You deliver the word.  They hear it.  It shakes them up. Upsets the apple cart. 

Then the word comes to pass, exactly as you said it would.  Their life changes.  They now have a new and better apple cart.  Except now they don't want THAT new one upset. 

So they avoid you.  What if you gave them another word that would tip things over once more?  You are dangerous to the Status Quo.

I'm not talking about a word of rebuke, but a word of relationship change, job change, destiny direction, ministry reset, financial change or a host of other things.

What terrifies most people about prophetic word is not that they are wrong or false.  That's easy enough.  It's when the word is not only right, but significant and it requires stepping out in faith.  That's not what people want.  They want a soft word.

People rely on the old ways.  They forget that they now prosper because they heeded the word of the Lord from the Prophet.  They have become comfortable in their new reality.  New comfort zone. In their mind they are saying, "Please Mr Ms prophet, don't disturb my comfort box.  I like it just fine".
They want to stay comfortable in the new box they occupy.

Here's how they hide from the Prophet:
  • They say "I'm able to hear from the Lord for myself" so if it threatens to disturb them, they don't want to hear.
  • They try to silence the prophetic voices around them by claiming the prophetic isn't real.
  • They try to "Kill" the prophets.  Most of the time this is done by "setting them aside, down, muzzled".
  • They depend on house prophets who fill their itching ears with whatever they WANT to hear because the real word of the Lord would be too hard.

I don't ever say, "I told you so".  They know that.  For those who say, "I want a word", that would be a one off if it came to the point where it caused them to have to step out in faith believing.  Most people want a word but don't have to move from UR like Abram did.  

There are people who read this who have indeed had a word that changed their lives and now they are cautious about getting another one.  Hiding out.

Don't be afraid, don't hide from the Prophet.  He or She is there to help you prosper... by the word of the Lord...  The Power to prosper.


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This makes me chuckle. I heard a.w. tozer and ravenhill say being around any true prophet of God made them nervous because who knows what God will tell Him to say or who it will be to. Then that persons has to deal with what God said thru them and Dereck Prince said the same. No wonder so many professing leaders do not like them throw them out or beat them into submission , oh and then theirs the untempored mortar bunch and the ear itchers who usually get staff jobs.