Monday, November 18, 2013

Your Destiny is NOT to Perish

In April of 2009 I was given a word from the Lord on the perishing of the saints.  I had to look pretty hard this morning to find it.  I did finally.  It matters because once again I see good Godly men and women on the path of perishing.  Oh, they'll get heaven.  They have eternal life, but their purpose, the reason for being here has been killed off by the enemy.  Discouragement, derailment, defilement, distraction and diversion have all combined to crush them on this side of the veil.  The enemy of their souls having lost them to the glory of eternity makes the decision to at least cause them to become neutralized on this side of the veil.  That is as much Perishing as anything.  The true battle is in our minds, in our spirits, in our every day life.... or we perish.  Here's what the Lord said in April of 2009:

"The devil comes to rob you of your life. He is out to kill, steal and destroy. Even from MY people. He wants to see to it they PERISH right here, right now. Not about hell, it's about living your purposes in ME! When you were born again you received ETERNAL Life, that is you entered into the no end and no beginning eternal now that I live in but you also, from the moment you stepped from time into eternity entered into EVERLASTING life. You had a beginning. But now you will go on Forever. Yes in heaven, but in the results of the divine purpose for which you were created on earth in your generation and all those that come after you. It's that life more than anything the Devil wants to keep you from, even though you will be with ME in heaven forever, he wants to destroy your Purpose on earth, to cause it to PERISH".

You cannot expect worldly fleshly deliverance from spiritual bondage... the ones that are robbing your of life.. of causing you to perish.


Anonymous said...

Jesus- this is eternal life that they may knoe thee the one true God In the book of John that word life is a gendered Word if meroy serves it has no usage concerning physical things in the chapter of john. Also Paul defined Eternal life is that I might know Him and the Power of His resurrection according to the Spirit of Holiness and the fellowship of His sufferings being made conformable to His death. I here lots of people talk about the life Jesus and Paul refer to concerning physical things. The bible says God has given us every spiritual blessing. Paul was not a failure for going thru the things he did listed in Corinthians. but I will say this it brings me comfort what you posted I have seen God do miracles and bless and promote to be honest eccl 3 is how he does things on earth. But I appreciate the encouragement because after years of battle physical and spiritual the loss of finances and friends to go on with God. Which Jesus said would happen I am about ready to quite not on God just life. If I can't work why eat no money now no retirement no health I was told have faith believe act it's amazing I am still alive I worked as veins broke and skin tore to say the least and when God delt with me to step down after raising me up to work for about 6 weeks in 2011 along comes one of schambachs buddies you have a call on your life go talk to your pastor submit I made an appointment talked about the call and my health said i'm thinking abut stepping down (getting a layoff God was dealing with me pastor says no don't do that believe God keep working I was crippled in less than two weeks do you think any Christian or any of the ministers I know has helped me. No. I don't much want to be on earth a anymore. My body is failing any chance of retirement or working again barring a miracle God seems to have withheld gone 7 years in study didn't even date no meds. why say more ...

Conny said...

Hey friend, I've been somewhat in your shoes.. broken, afraid, tired of this life.. then my Shepherd picked me up..

see here..
THE LORD is my shepherd.. you know Psalm 23.. look a little further down where it says HE is preparing a table for me - where? on the hillside? on the green pastures? at the babbling fresh waterside? NO!! in the darkness of the valley.. in the FACE of the Enemy..!! Right THERE.. HE is having sweet communion with you and THERE you feel HIS wonderful Presence.. not to blame You but to again blame the enemy and show him once more he's the greatest looser on the planet.. and to proclaim: It's PAYBACK Time!!! Where your cup will run over...

Not that I'm through it all by now.. but I've experienced HIS supernatural help and wonderful presence right where the tunnel was the darkest.. and man, I see light again.. and YOU will TOO!!!

All the Prophets are saying the same things.. the bride is to be made ready.. therefore HE is going to open up the heavens with more and more supernatural help! The time where the devil could beat on HIS children is coming to an END! And the LORD will show HIMSELF Mighty and Powerful in HIS children.. the ones who fully submit to HIM and are focused on nothing but their calling and purpose on this earth.. stand up for the Kingdom of their Saviour and have HIS Spirit, HIS Life flow through them.. do the things HE has promised and done..
healing the sick, cleansing the lepers, casting out deamons and raising the dead..

while HE is so much yearning for HIS Bride with great desire.. and SHE will be Glorious.. and Powerful..

So be richly encouraged, HE will bring you to the purpose HE made you for, no matter what it looks like right now.. Hold on to HIM.. HE has promised HE who began the good work in you will finish it.. HE is not the kind of guy who leaves HIS works unfinished like men do.. HE will fullfill ALL HIS promises!!! YOUR Miracle Will come!! In HIS time.. and HIS hour.. HE will restore You to the full! Then you will rise and be a mighty tool in HIS hands..

Bless you..