Sunday, November 24, 2013

The Lie the Devil tells Religious People... Good Enough

I am weary of people who are in bondage to religious systems when they say, "everyone worships God in their own way" or "not everyone is called to be 'that' radical".  I have heard both of these.  The people who say them are usually people who have found a spiritual rut to their liking and don't want to get out.  The comfort zone of religion has replaced any potential for a rich relationship with the creator of all the universe.  They have that form of Godliness we read about.  They might serve on boards, work in the church, be an elder, clean toilets, usher and a dozen other things.  But when confronted with a higher level of worship or relationship with the true and living God .... that's a show stopper.  Not gonna go there... they don't say it but they won't.

One person even described all that as "Scary".  I guess so.  If you have an encounter with the one that spoke the universe into existence, it might cause just a bit of tremor.  IF there is none... then maybe you haven't yet connected any spiritual dots....yet.

This is not meant to impose guilt, it's just that if you are going to go deeper you gotta GO.  Breakthrough can never come without a breaking up of the old fallow ground.  In this case of old habits.  There is no such thing as incrementalism when it comes to these things.  You take a leap of faith and there is no going back.   It's like salvation... you can't sort of take a half step... You is or you isn't. 

IF your desire is for a higher level of worship in your church or fellowship, you must first become terminally dissatisfied with the level it is now.  You can't be sort of satisfied but wishing and hoping it was better.  Wishing and hoping is for children.  You cannot get a vision for the NEXT in worship unless you see and experience it for yourself.  Once you have, you will never go back again.  You will have holy discontent until the change you desire comes to pass.

The Devil HATES that people might become passionate worshippers of God.  Lifting the name of Jesus. Proclaiming his Blood shed.  In the Holy Ghost. In Spirit and Truth.  He will do all he can to discourage anyone from going deeper.  He will keep trying to convince you that what you have isn't perfect but it's good enough.  It's his big lie.

You know it's a lie, but it's really hard to change.  The answer is to expose yourself to real worship, the kind that stirs you to the bottom.  Sure you might get a tingle now and then from a good hymn, but the kind that drives you to your knees in tears or causes you to leap expecting to fly around the room... that's another level.

So what's it gonna be?  Stay where your are in worship limbo.. or begin a lifelong quest for NEXT?


Anonymous said...

Rev 1 thru 3 !

Natalie Bea said...

AWESOME post! Praise God!

Anonymous said...

1 Corinthians 14:37 37If anyone thinks he is a prophet or spiritual, let him recognize that the things which I write to you are the Lord's commandment.
Here we have instructions in the form of a new testament command. I have got to ask when a leader gives no time for this refuses to equip and mature the saints in this manner. Will not pray until it is a reality in the very building built in Gods name or worse yet refuses those whom God would use according to the manner in this passage, Isn't that a dangerous move against the workings of God by His Spirit. Sir what can be done?