Monday, November 4, 2013

Parrotted Words: Cute, but Powerless by Cherston Jiron Mendez

Jesus I know, and Paul I know; but who are you?” - Acts 19:15

I have been a Christian for 30 years and have seen many ups and downs and inconsistencies in my own life. With every awakening or revelation in my heart, I have felt like I was born anew. I can't tell you the number of times that I have told myself that "I wish I knew then what I know now". All the mistakes I may have avoided, the constant stream of misjudgment, and the poor esteem issues I faced along the way.

Even now after 30 years, I am careful not to cling to any doctrinal belief (outside of the core knowing of Jesus as my Lord), too tightly in case it may keep me from growing in Truth and Spirit. Nevertheless, some tidbits have formed in me that I can be confident in saying are spiritual principles for living.

One of these are:

Parroting is Powerless

When you are just repeating what other people tell you, whether it be your pastor, your best friend, your spiritual mentor, your spiritual parent, your favorite TV evangelist or book.... You are NOT really GROWING UP in Christ.

Frankly people, if you are not taking the time to hear DIRECTLY from the Spirit of God within your OWN heart and developing a relationship with Jesus through active day to day engagement and CONVERSATION with Him; then life will go south on your REALLY fast.

Thank GOD that some day your bluff will be called and what you truly believe in your heart will be revealed. It's much better to know the truth about yourself than to walk around thinking you can cast out devils, heal the sick, or overcome addictions... only to be discouraged and offended with God because somehow you equate these disappointments to HIS lack and not your own. Do you know how many people are offended with God because he didn't "show up" when they expected Him to? Just keep in mind, it's really easy to misunderstand someone you don't know. This includes God. This is what happened in Acts 19.

After reading Acts 19, it's easy to conclude that there is no room for Power and Parroting together. Just saying the right words at the right time is not enough. Looking to another man/woman for your growth will lead you nowhere either. There is ONLY ONE true shepherd and only ONE true spiritual Father, give this place in your heart to anyone else and you will lose the power to live the abundant life you were designed for.


Take a walk, sit at the park, or go some place quiet. Do this on a regular basis. LOOK at everything you can see and ask God to show you how to see more. BELIEVE He will grant you what you ask and wait for the MORE to come. Each day, more and more. The word says the Holy Spirit will show you things to come (John 16:13). EXPECT Him to do exactly that. Develop a strong relationship with God. Jesus made this possible! Take advantage of what He has given to you. Having eyes to see and ears to hear is one of the BEST PARTS of being a believer. Unless you practice seeing and hearing for yourself, you will not be able to process the meatier things in life.


GROW UP and get FAT :)

In that day their burden will be lifted from your shoulders, their yoke from your neck; the yoke will be broken because you have grown so fat. - Isaiah 10:27

There is no getting a yoke around THIS neck
There is no getting a yoke around THIS neck

Be Free and Blessed Today!
~HB Cher


Anonymous said...


This was filmed yesterday 11/3 at Shekinah Worship center (pastor Joe Sweet).
It is Prophet Terry Bennett speaking who has visits from Jesus ,angels,
Elijah and other amazing people. He lays out a warning here that we all need to know.


Anonymous said...

Some here what they want to hear.
Some believe what they are told.
I learned in a time of trial and hardship. Perception does not always equal reality. So it would be years later I struggled because of the ministers I sat under. It drove me into years of study. Until I finally found a man pretty well balanced insightful and new the value and scriptural precidnce of building on the foundation of the Word and presenting even hard truths in a balanced manner. That man was Dereck Prince and the statement that He made was this it was the goodness and longsuffering of God that saved you. What does God actually owe you ? nothing He owes you nothing. I then understood because of the teaching I sat under the way I was taught to understand barring the mercy of God my life will end early because I was told you've already got it believe just use your faith. I believed it. I'm crippled because I believed it. I'm poor because I believed it. I did not know until I heard joyce meyer teach on faith and an eight year back problem until God finally answered her about 4 years into it. And said no I have not healed you but I am sustaining you be thankful for that.4 years of suffering later God finally repeatedly told her to go to a certain doctor that knew how to fix the problem.She taught on faith and stated this Faith is you leaning on God with confidence that His will time and purpose for you will be fulfilled and trusting Him. not vain repition or actions apart from His specific direction. I am now in poverty my days in pain no insurance no ability to work. I need a miracle your prayer would be appreciated. I did not know that the ministers I sat under where far from presenting the whole council of Gods Word Gods will and Gods purpose. I now know and it may be too late after just over seven years of physical problems and pain how eternally expensive it is to sit under ministers who misrepresent god His Will His purposes and the means He uses. Sadly it may now cost my life. But I am grateful as cast out devils heal the sick creative miracles dreams and visions are all practical experiences of God both communicating and manifesting in the lives of others as I am obedient to follow Him. I really don't know how many in the churches I attended actually have any of these things to be grateful for as they stand before the Lord. sadly I do know He wanted them to.

Anonymous said...

Gene I just read the post above sir. I have no one to really ask. The law talks of those amongst Gods people who communicate with the dead. I now hear many Famous and highly respected leaders in certain Christian circles testifying to seeing and getting revelation from them. Many are supposedly saints of old other famous people john wimber aimee semphle McPherson exctra.Yet in the law we are warned of these things and see God does indeed test or allow the testing of His people in many different ways. I want to think the best I realize we are all apt to miss it. but there comes a point where some are claiming God is sending them messages thru dreams visoons and discussions with dead saints. As such at what point does one say I will no longer acknowledge what that supposed Christian leader has to say.

Anonymous said...

We are entering a new era where we will work with Jesus angels,and glorified saints FACE TO FACE & routinely. When Jesus met with Moses and Elijah while on earth was he sinning?

We need to lay down what we 'think' we know and open ourselves up to the Lord. It is a sin to seek to speak with the dead. It is not a sin if God chooses to bring a saint to yoy & allow you to commune with a glorifed saint who IS NOT DEAD AS THERE IS NO DEATH BUT ETERNAL LIFE FOR THE ELECT.

Anonymous said...

here are all of Terry's messages at Shekinah Worship Center.


Saturday, November 2


Anonymous said...

Let things be established on the witness of two or three. As to the one who posted we may speak to the dead, Angels true Jesus true. One time in revelation and we do not know if that prophet was dead or present. Other than that. Jesus after the resurrection was speaking to moses and elijah no one else was aloud to speak with them Jesus Christ is the chief Apostle and cornerstone. and the antitype for the foundational ministries from the old testament was present. As Jesus ushered in the new. as moses is the antiype to the apostle in Hebrews and Elijah the prophet, Hence there is probably a prophetic application. The Word is pretty clear it is appointed to man once to die. The law states we are not to communicate with the dead. It's one thing to have God speak to a human it's quite another to have earthly prophets getting info from the dead.
It's simple refuse the Word be led astray. be very very careful the law is perfect and good if used lawfully.

Anonymous said...

I might add no servant is greater than His master. Jesus died and was resurrected. Scripture states it is appointed to men once to die. Your comment above violates sound doctrine and scripture by saying there is no death. Concerning humans as even Jesus demonstrated