Saturday, December 15, 2012

Thomas C Terry on the Shootings

Yesterday Was a most difficult day for any normal human in America. But for those who are sensitive prayers it was doubly difficult. We had been praying for that in the Spirit as horrific as it was it could have been so much worse.

All school shootings are horrific but 5 to 10 year old. As they stood there watching this man shoot them one by one then unload and start again. It just isn't any more evil than that.

But then to listen to communicators on the news grapple for answers was even more frighting to me. Not one person had the guts to say demons.  Cause that is what it was a demonized man most likely into the occult world. It begs the question.  How long America will most of us continue to thumb our noses at God refusing to repent for our evil and our turning away of God.  We have left hedges open so now the enemy has some assess to some of the most treasured and precious among us.  Our little children and babies.

The decisions on school prayer abortion rights and the like are coming home to roost.  Its time for us to be honest take stock and look in the mirror as a nation finding our way back to God and our roots. We need to repent and seek God.

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